13 ‘Sex Rules’ NO 20-Something Girl *Needs* To Live By!

13 ‘Sex Rules’ NO 20-Something Girl *Needs* To Live By!

Everyone has too many inhibitions when it comes to sex, especially in India! However, your 20s are a time to have fun and let loose. Here are some sex rules to ignore, totally and just have fun!

Rule 1: Experiment only when you're in a serious, long-term relationship.

Comfort is important. But a commitment? Not necessary! You’re not too young to try out new things, no matter what people say. Whether by yourself or with your partner, try out as many things as you want to. You do you, girl! 1 sex rules to ignore

Rule 2: The guy needs to take the lead in bed!

Umm… Says who? There is no practical reason for the man to take the lead in the bedroom. Surprise him by making the first move, girl. Guys totally dig it when girls take the initiative!

Rule 3: Don’t hook up with your friends.

As long as you’re both on the same page and comfortable with it, the friends with benefits relationship can be extremely satisfying. But make sure you do everything you can to prevent anyone's feelings getting hurt in the process! 3 sex rules to ignore

Rule 4: It’s important to cuddle after sex every time!

Cuddling is made out to be this huge issue - when it's really not. Not every girl wants to and not every guy hates it. Cuddle if you want to, just roll over to the other side and fall asleep if that’s what you want to do. Sex can get really sweaty, so it's all okay!

Rule 5: You need to join the club soon.

Just because everyone around you is doing it does not mean you need to as well. Take your time and have sex whenever you feel ready and with the person you really want to do it with. Just because you're in your 20s, does not mean you need to hurry it up! 5 sex rules to ignore

Rule 6: Sex is good only if you orgasm every time.

The female anatomy is complicated, to put it mildly. You may not orgasm every time but that should not stop you from having fun. Enjoy the journey too!

Rule 7: You have to go down on him if he goes down on you.

Nope! If some sex act doesn’t float your boat, you do not need to do it. Talk to your partner! Chances are he goes down on you because he enjoys it as well and not because he wants to guilt you into going down on him. 7 sex rules to ignore

Rule 8: A girl should be coy and shy during her first time with a new partner.

You DO NOT need to act coy or inexperienced for the benefit of your partner. Actually, you don't need to pretend to be anything you're not. If your partner cannot deal with your confidence (or whatever else) in bed, he's probably not compatible with you.

Rule 9. Kink is his department only.

Who says you can’t be kinky too? Play out your fantasies and talk about your fetishes too. Your guy will be more than happy to satisfy your ‘junglee billi’ side! 9 sex rules to ignore

Rule 10. The guy should take care of the protection.

Sex is a two way street. Both of you are having sex so both of you are equally responsible for the protection. Sometimes, if he’s not able to, you can arrange the protection too. Don’t feel conscious of buying condoms… You can even get them online!

Rule 11. Having only one partner means you don't need regular testing for STDs.

Even if the two of you have been together a while, make sure both of you are tested before you start having sex - and every few month, even when you do. Sex isn't the only way you can get an STD. And it's always better to be safe! 11 sex rules to ignore

Rule 12. You can't say no once you’re halfway through.

You can say no whenever you want to. If you start feeling uncomfortable in the middle of things, say NO! Your partner needs to understand and respect your feelings.

Rule 13. Your first time should be magical.

Even if he’s experienced and it’s your first time, chances are that it’ll be awkward and slightly uncomfortable the first time. Don’t believe everything movies and books tell you! 13 sex rules to ignore GIFs: Tumblr