10 ‘Sex Lies’ EVERY Girl Has Told Her Boyfriend - At Least Once!

10 ‘Sex Lies’ EVERY Girl Has Told Her Boyfriend - At Least Once!

We’ve all been there - lying to our partners about sex or other sexual things. No, they’re not the things that cause trouble in a relationship, but in turn are things that we all are not-so-guilty about! Ladies, it’s time to unveil the mystery and accept these tiny harmless sex lies we all have told our boyfriends… At least once!

1. ‘I have never tried this position!’

Because sometimes we have and we think you haven’t. We don’t want to make you feel like you’re not experimental or fun, especially when you are! Moreover, it doesn’t really matter if we have or not, does it? 1 sex lies (1)

2. ‘That was the best I’ve ever had!’

So, it was good, in fact ‘pretty’ good but it was not the best and it can’t be every time. ‘It was okay’ did not sound motivating so we moulded it a little to say that it was the best, instead!

3. ‘Oh yes, I had an orgasm right when you did.’

Okay so here is the thing - we are not even halfway there when guys reach their peak so when we say that we orgasmed when you did, that’s probably not true. 3 sex lies

4. ‘Damn, did I just have my period?’

See, we knew it all the way, okay? But we had to act a little surprised!

5. ‘Of course I don’t discuss my sex life with the girls.’

Here is the truth - our girlfriends know it all. So when we say they don’t, we are just trying to comfort you so that you don’t feel awkward the next time you meet them. 5 sex lies

6. ‘I have never faked an orgasm.’

If a man says this, he is probably not lying but when a woman says this, she definitely is! Sex is great without an orgasm as well, but we still have faked it more than once, you see.

7. ‘I don’t masturbate.’

We’ve all said this at least once in our lives and it’s absolutely false - right, girls? We all have (or tried to) to masturbate because it’s awesome! 7 sex lies

8. ‘I don’t watch porn.’

We do think about sex, A LOT. We have it on our mind more often than we might express. We’re curious and want to know different ways of doing it and the thought does not stop a lot of times. So, we do watch porn. Also, in our defence - we have a healthy mind.

9. ‘I only had you in my mind.’

Our mind can wander anywhere during sex. Especially when it comes to reaching the peak. This may not always mean we’re thinking about someone else - but we’re probably thinking about something else more arousing or may be about pizza! 9 sex lies

10. ‘I love to blow you.’

Let’s face it - we like it but it is not our favourite thing on the menu. We sometimes say these things to spice up the mood in bed and to make you feel completely turned on. *Secret superpower* GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr