10 Romantic Makeup Looks That Guys *Adore* On Girls!

10 Romantic Makeup Looks That Guys *Adore* On Girls!
If you’re going on a date with bae, then it’s the best time to slay your makeup game and make him fall for you once again. It’s well known that guys don’t like heavy makeup, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sweep him off his feet with your (subtle) makeup game. These romantic and pretty looks will make you look absolutely lovely for your date night and believe us when we say this, your guy won’t be able to keep his hands off you. Try one of these romantic makeup looks to look pretty as ever and charm your prince charming. *Wink*

1. Au naturale

1 romantic makeup looks Ladies, guys absolutely love when you are you. They love that fresh and natural glow on your face. Of course a perfect no makeup look does require a few subtle make products, but he doesn’t need to know that. *Wink* Here are the best, lightweight products to use to enhance your natural beauty. The no makeup look is super easy to achieve and your guy will fall head over heels for you all over again...

2. So peachy!

2 romantic makeup looks You won’t usually think of wearing peach or orange coloured eyeshadows and lipsticks but let us tell, you, girls that it’s oh-so-romantic. A peachy blush gives your face a beautiful glow and it’s best for days when you want to keep your makeup subtle. Some light, coral shadow can seriously make your eyes pop or you can use this awesome, high impact lipstick to achieve this gorgeous look.

3. The right balance between ‘no makeup’ and OTT

3 romantic makeup looks For your next date with bae, make sure to keep it subtle. This look is neither the ‘no makeup look’ nor is it overdone. All you have to do is, apply a black liner (with loads of mascara, obviously!) on the upper lashline and combine it with a nude or a light coloured eyeshadow. Make sure to go with a light pink lipstick to add that hint of colour and get ready to make your man go crazy with your soft look.

4. Sexy bold Lips

4 romantic makeup looks Sultry, dark lips are a sure fire way of grabbing his attention. To make him go crazy with desire, all you need to do is, apply a bold, dark coloured lipstick and flaunt it with confidence. It’s perfect for making your crush sit up and take notice. *Wink*

5. The Sultry Smudge

5 romantic makeup looks Make your man go weak in the knees with this sexy and sultry look. Blending your eyeshadow with some black at the outer corners will give you a dreamy look and girls, believe us, he won’t be able to take his eye off you. Make sure to apply a bit of your eyeshadow just below your lower lash line to give your look a perfect finish.

6. Blushing Beauty

6 romantic makeup looks Softly flushed cheeks and lips will give you a natural glow and it’s a look that screams romance. Apply some blush on your cheeks and a light coloured lipstick with perfectly done smokey eyes and my-oh-my, you’ll look super sexy on your date night. A lip and cheek tint is perfect for this femininely delicate look.

7. All the glow

7 romantic makeup looks For that lit-from-within glow, use an illuminator to make your face look all radiant and gorgeous. Highlighting your face will accentuate your high cheekbones and the bridge of your nose, giving you a dewy look and making you look oh-so-sexy. Just be sure to blend it well. For an extra luminous look, you can even apply some white eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes.

8. Copper love

8 romantic makeup looks Your eyes are one of the first things he notices about you. Naturally, playing them up is a fantastic idea. Bold and dark colours do look gorgeous but they can come off as too strong at times. Using light colours like copper will make your eyes look dreamy and will give your face a subtle and soft look.

9. Wing on point

9 romantic makeup looks Get ready to steal bae’s heart again with a dramatic cat-eye flick. Get your wing game on point with the help of a high impact black eyeliner. Guys absolutely love this eye look as it makes you look super sexy and powerful. Channel some feline power and make him go crazy with desire.

10. Hint of colour

10 romantic makeup looks If you’re someone who loves experimenting with her makeup looks, why not try something that will guy will love? If you’re going for a date, go with a coloured eyeshadow and add that hint of brightness to your eyes. Apply a coloured eyeshadow along your lower lash line and blend it with a black eyeshadow at the outer edge of your eye for a unique look. Internal Images: Shutterstock