11 Cheesy Gestures EVERY Girl *Secretly* Wants Her Guy To Make!

11 Cheesy Gestures EVERY Girl *Secretly* Wants Her Guy To Make!
No matter how mature you are or for how long you have been in a relationship, you have definitely had daydreams about your boyfriend doing cheesy romantic things for you. We all have and frankly, there isn't anything wrong with some wishful thinking, is there? So here are a few romantic gestures you have probably dreamt about. (Don't you wish he would just read this?!)

1. Sing a song for you in public

A cute and romantic song (preferably while he plays the guitar) just for you. How special would that moment be?! *Goes back to daydreaming* 1 romantic gestures

2. A couple dance on a romantic song as the crowd oohs and aahs!

Because that’s how beautiful and perfect you guys would look together!

3. A flash-mob proposal!

And that too on your fave song!  You can just imagine yourself blushing and happy tears lighting up your eyes! 3 romantic gestures

4. Welcome you to a romantic, candlelit and naughty night!

Remember how Richard did up Monica’s room in Friends? You probably made your boyfriend watch that episode a second time hoping he would get the hint!

5. Send chocolates and flowers to your workplace

Because you wouldn’t mind a little envy coming your way because of how cute the two of you are and how romantic your boyfriend is! 5 romantic gestures

6. Organize a grand surprise party on your birthday with all your favourite people being a part of the surprise!

We've all played this in one in our heads SO many times, haven’t we?

7. Plan a surprise getaway!

A beautiful location with *just* the two of you with nothing and no one to interrupt your romantic ongoings… Dream come true!
7 romantic gestures

8. A confession of his love for you in front of all of your friends and family!

You have imagined how it would be if he would stand amidst your loved ones and romantically confess all the reasons he fell in love with you and how he feels like the luckiest man in the world. *Sigh*

9. Put up a goofy picture of the two of you with a cutesy caption!

Something like ‘She shows me how a mess can sometimes be so beautiful!’, is totally awww-dorable! 9 romantic gestures

10. Gift you something handmade!

There can’t be a more beautiful gift than the one he puts time and effort into making! So full of love, isn’t it?

11. Welcome you to a lavish dinner that *he* cooked!

All of your fave things! You won’t care too much about how perfect it tastes. It’s just the thought behind it that melts your heart! 11 romantic gestures GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr