From Married Couples To Dating Couples… 15 Relationship Tips!

From Married Couples To Dating Couples… 15 Relationship Tips!
Robert Fulghum’s quote ‘The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. The grass is greenest where it is watered’ is most appropriate when it comes to relationships. So, here’s some excellent relationship advice from married couples to those couples who are dating.

1. Be a good friend first

Nothing beats friendship… Not even marriage. So, try to be each other’s BFF first and foremost to be able to move forward together.

2. Focus on the ‘now’

While it’s good to dream of a happily ever after, enjoy the time you have with your partner right now. After all, who knows what tomorrow has in store for you.

3. Speak up

If there is something that discomforts you about him, let him know. Don’t wait to bring it up at a later stage or in the midst of an argument… And certainly not on social media. 3 relationship advice from married couples

4. Don’t fear a breakup

It’s hard to think of a life without him but living in the fear of what ‘might’ happen is never a good idea. If it’s meant to last, it will. Enjoy what you have.

5. Don’t be selfish

Having an agenda in a relationship can be the worst harm you can do to it. Think beyond I, me, myself, especially, if you are thinking long term.

6. Have fun

Be adventurous and indulge in fun activities. Head to the beach, drive down to a hill station, go zip lining or try your hand at para jumping - hell, life is good! 6 relationship advice from married couples

7. Be patient

Don’t jump the gun and rush into a decision of staying or giving up. Either way, relax and take your decisions carefully and with a cool head.

8. Appreciate the differences

Don’t expect your partner to be perfect. No one is. Aim for a balance instead.

9. Live-in but respect each other's privacy too

If living in with each other is a possibility, please do. Being in the same space will help you grow together. But, don’t suffocate each other all the time. Let him be and do his own stuff sometimes. Make sure that he lets you be as well. 9 relationship advice from married couples

10. Don't expect sunshine all the time

There’ll be darker days as well. You both try to see through it. Make that choice to be in the relationship every day and stick to it.

11. Don't have sky-high expectations

Having too many and sky-high expectations can affect your relationship. Have expectations… But keep them realistic and genuine.

12. Forgive and forget

It’s not going to be rosy all the time, so if he does something wrong and is sorry about it - have a big heart, forgive and forget. 12 relationship advice from married couples

13. Don't get married ‘coz all of your friends are getting married

Or because you think the clock is ticking. Tie the knot only when you are both ready.

14. Don’t spend all your money on your wedding

Big, fat weddings are good while they last but marriage is more real and long term. Your big day is not your last day of life. So, save for a good honeymoon and an even better life after.

15. Don’t play games

While dating seems to be a game for many, it’s important to understand that even if you are not planning on a long term, hurting someone’s sentiments is unpardonable. 15 relationship advice from married couples GIFs: Giphy