10 Reasons You Need To Go On A Chhutti With Your Bestie ASAP! | POPxo
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10 Reasons You Need To Go On A Chhutti With Your Bestie ASAP!

10 Reasons You Need To Go On A Chhutti With Your Bestie ASAP!

No matter what, you always have the greatest time with your girlfriends. They don’t mind your incessant banter, you catch up on pending gossip and you guys can very easily laugh the night away. All you need to do is just take off for a vacay. A trip comes as a much-needed respite from the mundane routine of everyday life. Here are 10 reasons you need to plan a trip with your besties as soon as possible!

1. It has been TOO long

1 plan a trip with besties

… Or a good couple of months since you last spent considerable time with your besties. So find the next long weekend, finish your college or work assignments well in advance, book your tickets and go!

2. Girl time is the best time

Even if you are meeting after ages, you’ll always find a way to reconnect, get inconsolably nostalgic about days gone by, make new memories and drown it all in good food and delicious cocktails.

3. Vacay Luxury

3 plan a trip with besties

It has never been easier to book a great (and safe) hotel, with a plethora of options at your fingertips. If you are making a trip to Delhi, we would recommend the IBIS hotel in Aerocity, which is a great option for a mid-range hotel. The rooms are modern and designed keeping in mind the well-being and comfort of the customers. The hotel is also close to multiple shopping options such as Worldmark, the Ambience Mall and is only a metro ride away from Connaught Place!

4.  Clear a misunderstanding

A lack of communication can create friction even in the best of relationships. Plan a trip to remove yourself and your friends from the clout of busy, urban life. A different place will help you reconnect over the things which matter the most to you.

5. To Celebrate

5 plan a trip with besties

Is it someone’s birthday, engagement or promotion? Don’t settle for just a celebratory brunch when literally the whole world is your oyster. Even if you drive overnight to the nearest hill station, make these special moments count. A special poolside dinner celebration can also be arranged for you, if you opt for Ibis Delhi Aerocity.

6. Carpe Diem Baby

Seize the day! Take a page out of your favourite travel films, sit with a couple of travel magazines and chart out an awesome itinerary comprising of the places you and your friends have forever wanted to visit together. Put it to a vote, finalise a destination and block your dates STAT!

7. Great distraction

7 plan a trip with besties

Travelling takes your mind off from ongoing personal and professional upheavals. And with your friends by your side, it could also offer you a much-needed alternative perspective which you would not have thought about, otherwise.

8. An impeccable social feed

A getaway gives you the perfect opportunity to unabashedly click and post as many photos on social media. A perfect reason to show off your great adventures.

9. Safe and Sound

9 plan a trip with besties A trip with your friends means that you’ll never be left behind. Be it a late night out, an adventure trek or a bad bout of food poisoning, you will always be looked after. And even your families will be considerably less worried.

10. ‘Cos why not!

Really, think about it. You don’t need a REASON to spend more time with your besties. As a friend, it is kind of your moral obligation to be there, come what may. So don’t fret over having no leaves remaining for the year and just go, go, go! Images: Shutterstock * This post is in partnership with InterGlobe Hotels – promoters of Ibis Hotels across India
Published on Mar 16, 2017
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