11 CRAZY ‘Kissing Facts’ That’ll Make You Wanna Make Out!!

11 CRAZY ‘Kissing Facts’ That’ll Make You Wanna Make Out!!
Kissing is the most passionate, addictive and intimate expression of love. It feels great and a connection is instantly sparked by it. However, apart from the obvious, there are a few super random kissing facts that will totally amaze you. (You’re going to go ‘Woah!’ after reading all of them!)

1. A 10-second peck contains roughly 80 million new and different kinds of microbes!

And ladies, when two people kiss, they exchange about 10 million to 1 billion new bacteria. *Yikes* 1 random kissing facts

2. When you kiss someone for the very first time, your heart beats faster and more oxygen gets pumped into the brain.

It also activates and spikes up the neurotransmitter which releases dopamine, making you crave more lip action.  

3. You can shed a few pounds simply by kissing!

Just FYI, some believe that one passionate, intense kiss can burn 1.5 calories a minute and a whopping 120 calories an hour. #FitnessGoals 3 random kissing facts

4. The French refer to french kissing as ‘soul and tongue kiss’.

The French folk believe that when the tongue kiss is done properly, two souls are merged.

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5. Your lips are more sensitive than your vajayjay.

You have approximately 10,000 nerve endings in your lips and just about 8,000 in the clitoris. Do the math, we say! 5 random kissing facts

6. Most people tend to remember their first kiss better than the first time they had sex.

A social experiment was conducted by John Bohannon and he asked around 500 people about their important life experiences - this batch of questions also featured the first kiss and losing their virginity. Guess which one took the cake? The first kiss, of course!

7. An average person spends 2 weeks of their lifetime just kissing!

Woahh!!! That’s like 336 hours and 20,160 minutes of simply making out. *mind-blown* 7 random kissing facts

8. Just in case you were looking for a new job, we heard there’s a career in kissing!

Yes, it’s true! The science of kissing is popularly known as philematology. (Psst… Very soon you’ll be known as the love doctor! *Wink*)

9. People who are afraid of kissing may suffer from philemaphobia!

Kissing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people don’t like to engage in tongue hockey because they’re afraid of contracting diseases, germs or have faced rejection or abuse in the past. The mere thought of kissing or seeing someone at it can give them the heebie-jeebies. 9 random kissing facts

10. Kissing frequently improves dental health!

Strange, but true! The more you kiss, the more saliva is produced. Which acts as a protective shield on the teeth and prevents the formation of plaque and bacteria.

11. Kissing helps improve your immune system!

The more often you kiss, the stronger your body becomes! Every time you lock lips with someone, bacteria gets exchanged. This bacteria helps fight infections better, acts as a shield and helps keep allergies at bay! 11 random kissing facts GIFs: Tumblr