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Awesome simple hairstyle tricks to look like a celeb!

Awesome simple hairstyle tricks to look like a celeb!

Ladies, what if we told you that there is no such thing as a ‘bad hair day’? Well, what we mean is that you can reverse a bad hair day by trying out some fab hairstyles. Yes, even if your hair isn’t behaving as per your liking, there are umpteen awesome hairstyles that can perk up your mane and how! Here, we give you 10 easy everyday hairstyles that you can flaunt. These chic and simple hairstyle ideas can all be done super quickly, in under a couple minutes!

1. Braid bonanza

1 easy everyday hairstyles Image: Hiral Bhatia on Instagram If your frizzy, unmanageable hair is bothering you a tad too much, go for this kind of a braid. Part your hair at the centre, and at the middle of your head and braid it up from both sides for this simple hairstyle. Make both the braids meet at the back of your head and secure them there with the help of bobby pins. Not only will this look uber stylish, but it will also keep your hair tame and in place all day! 

2. Pony bun, anyone?

2 easy everyday hairstyles Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

Who thought a simple hairstyle like a pony bun could make you look like a celeb?! Gather all your hair in a low ponytail first. After that, loop your hair through the elastic but don’t pull your ends all the way through. This will give you that bun effect. Wrap a thin section of hair around the elastic and pin it at the bottom to conceal it. So chic, isn’t it? 

3. Fishtail frenzy

3 easy everyday hairstyles Image: Toni&Guy USA on Instagram

A fishtail braid on the side looks so dreamy and is such a simple hairstyle to sport on any day. It can be done on unwashed or washed hair, wild or tame tresses - do this whenever you’re in the mood for it and make a real style statement as you step out. 

4. Half top knot tricks

4 easy everyday hairstyles Image: Ami Patel on Instagram How awesome is this for a change of look if you want to get your hair out of your eyes and off your face? Simply collect some of the hair on the top part of your head, and with the help of an elastic, bun it up there itself. This simple hairstyle is effortless, easy and is perfect for days when you’re out and about.  

5. Romantically risque

5 easy everyday hairstyles Image: Mark Townsend on Instagram

We love how amazing this simple hairstyle looks, and psst… It’s so easy to make! Comb your hair well and neatly collect the top half of it at the back of your head. Part it into sections there, twist them and knot each section up. Use a jooda pin to keep this knot in place. Also, don’t make it too tight as that will take away from the easy, romantic vibe this hairdo gives out.

6. Cutesy side pony

6 easy everyday hairstyles Image: Alia Bhatt on Instagram

Doesn’t Alia look so adorable in this simple hairstyle? And it’s so easy to do! Simply collect the front half of your hair in a high pony, position it slightly on the side, and voila! If you want to add to this look, you can even use a straightening iron and curl out the ends of the pony by twisting the straightener towards the end. 

7. Dreamy waves

7 easy everyday hairstyles Image: Butterfly Loft Salon on Instagram

This is an easy, everyday simple hairstyle that suits everyone, ladies. Comb out your hair well and make sure it’s tangle-free. After that, use a straightener section by section and twist it inwards or outwards (as per your preference) mid-length onwards. This will result is these lovely waves that are sure to get you tons of compliments. The best part about this is that you can do it quickly as you don’t have to worry about precision, like when it comes to straightening. With a look like this, messiness works in your favour!

8. Bun-tastic

8 easy everyday hairstyles Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

Sonam always looks so stylish and if there is an everyday simple hairstyle look that we can steal from her, it is this one. To achieve this quick and easy look, comb your hair and make a neat centre parting. Then, collect it all in a low bun at the nape of your neck. You can secure this bun with the help of jooda pins and you’re good to go. Flaunt these easy hairstyles with your Indian and western wear, we say. Add some flowers to the look to dress it up!

9. Slick and side-swept

9 easy everyday hairstyles Image: Jacqueline Fernandez on Instagram

Jacqueline’s simple hairstyle here should be your go-to style on days when your hair looks just too unruly. Make a neat side parting and use some hair gel or serum on top to set it well. Collect the length of your hair in a low, side ponytail and you’re done! Be it a formal evening out or a fun day with your girlies, such easy hairstyles will make you go from drab to fab in no time! 

10. Topknot it up

10 easy everyday hairstyles Image: Kim Kardashian on Instagram

Whatever you’re wearing, the moment you emulate Kim’s simple hairstyle, you’re bound to look oh-so-chic. All you have to do is collect all your well-combed hair right on top of your head and twist it into a messy bun. These simple hairstyles for girls can be completed by pulling out a few strands close to your ears to add to the oomph of this hairdo.