#HeSays: 11 Questions Every Boyfriend Has About… Periods!

#HeSays: 11 Questions Every Boyfriend Has About… Periods!
We get that period talk is always a very sensitive subject - even when we're talking to our girlfriends about it. We really do try to be nice to you and not be a headache during that time of the month. But there are just so many things we don't understand! Here are a few questions about periods guys have - but we might not ever ask them. Out of fear for our lives, of course.

1. ‘How are you...even able to stand?’

Actually, scratch that. How do you even get out of bed?!

2. ‘Where does your body even have that much blood?’

We don't get it. Like, we might understand the biology of it, but still… HOW?

3. ‘How do you take a shower? Isn't it...scary?’

Does it look like a crime scene? Isn't it weird to stand in the middle of all the blood?? 3 questions about periods guys have

4. ‘Does chocolate *really* help?’

Some of you swear by it, some of you think we're being idiots when we get you some. So what is it really?

5. ‘How do you know when it'll start?’

Are there warning bells? Are there...clues? A 3-day notice?

6. ‘Can you feel it? All the time?’

You go about your day, but can you constantly feel the, um, bleeding? Does it hurt throughout? 6 questions about periods guys have

7. ‘How do you manage to sleep?’

Isn't that another crime-scene scenario? Or is there some particular position that works for 8 hours straight?

8. ‘How do pads feel? And tampons?’

It's gotta be uncomfortable, right? Those ads with girls doing gymnastics aren't actually real, right?

9. ‘How do you really feel about sex during your period?’

You're horny, but you're in constant pain. You want to have sex because you're on your period, but then you don't...because you're on your period! Help? Please? 9 questions about periods guys have

10. ‘What is the right thing to do? For us, we mean. According to you.’

What's the ideal way for a boyfriend to go about things when you're on your period? Just put us out of our misery and tell us?

11. ‘Do you feel a bit more violent only toward us or is that a general feeling?’

We're not complaining!! No, we're really not. We're just curious... Images: Giphy, Tumblr, Shutterstock