11 Questions ALL Girls Have About Their Bodies… Answered!

11 Questions ALL Girls Have About Their Bodies… Answered!
How much do we really know about our bodies? Admit it, there are several things you’d like to know but are too embarrassed to ask about. If you’ve been curious to know more, then you have come to the right place.. Here are 11 questions about female body, answered for you!

1. Can one boob be bigger than the other?

Contrary to popular belief, your boobs aren’t identical. There is a possibility that one is bigger than the other. If you’ve ever been worried about this, you really shouldn’t stress - it is very normal and the difference is negligible!

2. Can a woman be born with two uteruses?

Yes. It’s rare, but it happens. There isn’t a concrete explanation as to why a few fetuses develop a double uterus. Also, it’s a hard condition to discover without a pelvic exam. However, it’s not something you need to get worked up about - women with a double uterus have normal sex lives and pregnancies.   

3. Do some women have inverted nipples?

Yes, it’s a condition in which, instead of the nipple pointing out, is inverted. However, there is nothing medically wrong - some women are simply born with it, and it isn’t something to worry about. 3 questions about female body

4. Can the hymen break, before you have sex?

Yes, it can. This is also the reason why it’s not necessary that a girl bleeds when she loses her virginity. The hymen can be broken because of cycling, horse riding, or something as routine as running.

5. Can women experience multiple orgasms?

Yes, we can. While men need some time to recover from an orgasm, women can experience multiple ones in a short period of time.

6. Is clitoris stimulation the only way to experience an orgasm?

While it is the most common way, different body parts can be stimulated to reach an orgasm. That includes sensitive areas such as the boobs, certain areas of the thigh and the scalp... Interesting, right? 6 questions about female body

7. What does a clitoris do?

Due to the abundance of nerve endings present, the clitoris is one of the most sensitive areas and hence it is primarily responsible for the pleasure women experience during sexual arousal.

8. Does a clitoris keep growing?

It does - throughout your life. By menopause, it is almost three times as large as it was when you are a teen.

9. Can an orgasm prevent menstrual cramping?

Not entirely, but yes, it makes it less painful. When you experience an orgasm, a hormone called oxytocin is released. It’s what is responsible for a positive state of mind! 9 questions about female body

10. Is it a bad idea to shave down there?

Well, it isn’t recommended. Shaving the pubic area completely has been correlated to increased chances of spreading sexually transmitted infection. Whether you’re shaving or waxing, getting rid of pubic hair might make you more susceptible to various kinds of infections.

11. Can women experience an orgasm through nipple stimulation?

Yes, it’s true! Some women can actually experience an orgasm through breast play alone! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr