Dear Hubby-To-Be, 10 Promises To Make Our Marriage *Awesome*

Dear Hubby-To-Be, 10 Promises To Make Our Marriage *Awesome*
Dear Hubby-to-be, Lest you complain later, let me warn you that marrying me ain’t no easy task. There are a lot of things that you’ll have to compromise on, like most of the space on your bed and um, even in your wardrobe! But, in return, I’ll be a total sweetheart and make these 10 promises to you well in advance:

1. I’ll stay awake with you, when you are feeling down.

I’ll shower you with kisses and cuddle you hard and crack silly jokes and talk a lot of philosophy till you take pity at my attempts and start feeling better.   1 promises to my husband

2. I’ll put us above my ego.

I won’t expect you to make the first move always. Just like I’ll never brag about being right or not acknowledge being wrong. My ego will never win over us.

3. I’ll respect your family and try my best to love them like my own.

You had them before me, so I’ll never ask you to choose between us. Instead, I’ll try to understand their traditions and beliefs, just as I hope you’ll make efforts to get to know my family too. 3 promises to my husband

4. I won’t leave you alone to worry about our bills and expenses.

Why should you? We’ll earn, spend, save together… After all, that’s what teamwork is all about, right?

5. I will push you to make all your dreams come true, always.

For we are nothing without our dreams, and I will never take them away from you. Be assured, you’ll find me walking beside you as you make your way towards those goals.
5 promises to my husband

6. I will not try to micro-manage your life.

I won’t decide what you’ll eat, what you’ll wear, where you’ll go and what you’ll do with your free time. You won’t find me dominating over little aspects of your life.  

7. I promise I’ll genuinely try and take an interest in your hobbies.

For if you love something so much, mustn’t I give it a try at least? 7 promises to my husband

8. I will unburden myself with you, but not treat you as my punching bag.

I know stressful situations and anxiety can bring out the worst in the best of us, but I promise not to direct mine at you. I won’t take you for granted and know that I would never intentionally hurt you.

9. I’ll let you be your own kind of dad to our kids.

Of course you’ll find me advising, sometimes maybe even complaining about the way you’ll handle our kids - but that’ll just be the mother of my child fussing over him/her.  I’ll never dictate to you the kind of dad you must be, for they’ll be your kids too and I’ll trust you completely with them. 9 promises to my husband

10. I will always make you feel loved.  

Even on when days when you would find loving yourself hard, I’ll be there for you. We’re in this together, till the very end, baby. I promise to you it’s going to be a beautiful journey.
I will try my best to fulfill all these promises to my husband always. With all my love, Your Wife-to-be! <3 GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr