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15 *Gorgeous* Kimono Shrugs You Can Wear With ANY Outfit!

15 *Gorgeous* Kimono Shrugs You Can Wear With ANY Outfit!
With summers knocking right at our doors, it’s time to bring out all your pretty summer dresses, shorts, crop tops and shrugs. But not just any shrugs - we’re talking flowy, colourful and oh-so trendy kimono shrugs. They really do have the power to elevate any outfit. So ladies, it’s time to move over basic shrugs as we have 15 awesome kimono shrugs that will spice up your look instantly and also protect you from the blazing sunrays, all while making you look super hot!

1. Bohemian vibes!

1 kimono shrugs This one is the best we have seen today. From the print to the design, there’s nothing to NOT love in this rust bohemian kimono. It’s perfect for adding a fashionable touch to any dull outfit. Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

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2. Fringe fun

2 kimono shrugs Look like a bohemian princess wearing this fringed kimono that has our hearts! Just look at the colour and design, it’s too perfect to miss! Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

3. Lusting over lace

3 kimono shrugs Are you a big fan of all things lacy? If yes, then you’ll love this too. It has sheer, lace and fringe details that are to die for! Price: Rs 2,249. Buy it here.

4. All about colour

4 kimono shrugs This bright floral long kimono will brighten up the dullest of your days! Just throw it over whatever you are wearing and get ready to shine on! Price: Rs 1,679. Buy it here.

5. Floral magic

5 kimono shrugs This navy blue floral kimono is just SO pretty. We are in love with the colour combination and the print. It will look great with everything from jeans to dresses! Price: Rs 1,889. Buy it here.

6. Simple whites

6 kimono shrugs If you love all things simple and nice, this white kimono should totally be on your buying list. We love the simple embroidery and design, it’s just perfect for throwing on top of anything without a second’s thought! Price: Rs 1,119. Buy it here.

7. Sexy satins

7 kimono shrugs This one is just TOO awesome to miss. Just look at the flowy satin material and peacock embroidery on the back, it’s the ultimate cool-girl piece! Price: Rs 1,679. Buy it here.

8. A touch of quirk

8 kimono shrugs If quirky is your type, you should totally go for this funky beauty. You’ll fall in love with the print and the colour, just like us! Price: Rs 450. Buy it here.

9. Simple is the new sassy

9 kimono shrugs Like to keep it simple and classy? This olive coloured kimono is all you’ve been looking for! It is super versatile and will go with everything in your wardrobe! Price: Rs 1,259. Buy it here.

10. Paisley panache

10 kimono shrugs How pretty is this paisley printed kimono? We are definitely in love and are buying it right away, are you? Price: Rs 1,236. Buy it here.

11. Fancy florals

11 kimono shrugs If you don’t want to go for a long one, this black printed short kimono is perfect for you! We just LOVE the floral print. Trust us, it will look amazing on you! Price: Rs 1,196. Buy it here.

12. For the love of whites

12 kimono shrugs Welcome summers in style with this white kimono that is just so pretty! Throw it over a pair of tee and denims and you’ll be good to go! Price: Rs 1,156. Buy it here.

13. Flower power

13 kimono shrugs Simple and pretty, this black floral kimono is easy to match with anything! Pair it with a crop top and denim shorts for a show stopping look! Price: Rs 1,539. Buy it here.

14. Pretty in peach

14 kimono shrugs Super feminine and pretty, this peach kimono is just perfect for you. It will make you look like an absolute diva! Price: Rs 1,539. Buy it here.

15. All about prints

15 kimono shrugs Trust this printed kimono to make you stand out in the crowd. We just love the print and the design. Trust us, it will look awesome with everything! Price: Rs 777. Buy it here. Have fun shopping, ladies!