10 Perks Of Having A Boyfriend Who Can ALWAYS Make You Laugh!

10 Perks Of Having A Boyfriend Who Can ALWAYS Make You Laugh!
One of the many things that are charming and attractive about a man is his sense of humour. A man with a great sense of humour, who can make you laugh is the kind of man who will never let you see a dull day. Here are 10 perks of dating a funny guy that will definitely stand the test of time!

1. There are no awkward silences

Because he always manages to fill them in with some joke about awkward silences followed by your laughter, of course! 1 dating a funny guy

2. Your bad moods never last long

Be it a bad day at work or a fight at home, he never lets any of your bad moods last. He always tries to keep you cheery and you couldn’t love him enough for that.

3. People compliment you on his humour

This is one of the best perks. You don’t even need to work hard, people just come and compliment you on your choice and his sense of humour! Easy, ain’t it? 3 dating a funny guy

4. He is both witty and creative!

It’s not easy being funny. In order to actually be hilarious, one needs to find a fine balance between being witty and creative and then bring it into play. So it’s not just one but two qualities you get along with humour. #WIN

5. He is super observant

His sense of humour thrives on observing people. So you can bet he notices your new haircut or the new pair of pants you just bought, even if is just to make fun of them! 5 dating a funny guy

6. He always has awesome one-liners

Be it a pick-up line for one of your dates or the way he says hello, nothing is ever boring or dull with him around. And his one-liners are often stolen by you to make great conversation starters! Shhh!

7. The fun only begins in bed

Since humour is such an ingrained part of who he is, he can’t really switch it off and on in the bedroom. You can bet he will make jokes all throughout and it only makes things easy and light! 7 dating a funny guy

8. He gets along with almost everyone

He is the life of the party and that just gets you brownie points. Everybody loves him and he (almost) gets along with everyone. Family and work events just got so much better!

9. Which means the pressure is off you!

Thank goodness for his charming humour because you have to make absolutely no effort to socialize when you don’t want to. You can just stand by him with a smile on your face and zone out for a while. 9 dating a funny guy

10. He is always around to show you the silver lining!

When the going gets tough, he doesn’t just make you laugh, he shows you all the things that are worth laughing about. In the end, his positivity does rub off on you and you see life with new colours. GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy