10 *New* Ways EVERY College Girl Can Style Her Leggings!

10 *New* Ways EVERY College Girl Can Style Her Leggings!
We’re certain that leggings are a basic fashion item every girl owns at least one pair of. They are undoubtedly the most comfortable and versatile item in our closet! Since we love wearing leggings and can’t really do without them, we thought of new ways to style these babies. Here are 10 new ways to wear leggings EVERY college-going girl can try!

1. Under a saree

1 new ways to wear leggings Image: Sanjana Batra on Instagram Thinking about what to wear for graduation? Give those age old petticoats a break and wear your sarees with leggings instead. It’s a runway trend we highly recommend you to try! Wear a dhoti style saree and team it up with matching leggings to give the saree a trendy twist.  

2. Wear it with a mini skirt!

Because, why not? Mini skirts don’t need add ons in summers but they can save you from freezing, when worn during the cold winter months! Wear mini skirts with leggings and a top to stay covered in style. Wear a plain skirt with printed leggings (or vice versa) to nail the look!

3. The luxe leather

3 new ways to wear leggings Experiment with textures, ladies. Try leather leggings and wear them with just about anything to up your style game instantly. You can wear these with a basic tee for a casual day look or team it up with a stylised top to look party ready! It’s time to be done with basic cotton leggings!

4. Or with a maxi top?

Maxi tops with slits are such a rage this season! You can wear them almost anything but we think you should pair them with basic leggings to draw all the attention to the glamorous top. Complete the look with sneakers for a casual look, and put on your heels for a night out with friends!

5. With something sporty

5 new ways to wear leggings Image: Gigi Hadid on Instagram Crop sweatshirts and slogan tees aren’t just for the gym. Whether it’s a casual day out with friends or just a lazy day at home, you can totally wear an easy breezy sporty top and lounge in style. A pair of espadrilles will complete the look perfectly and give it a ‘chilled out’ vibe!

6. Under a slip dress!

Slip dresses can easily double up as a top. A loose, comfy top. So why not style this dressy top differently? Team it with leggings and trust us, this outfit will fetch you compliments! Strappy flats will make this the perfect outfit to wear during long summer days.

7. Under a hot-hot mini dress!

7 new ways to wear leggings If you’re not too comfortable wearing a micro mini dress as it is, then you should try teaming it up with leggings. We think a mini dress with a sweetheart neckline will look amazing with leggings! Don’t you?   

8. Play it up with playsuits

When playsuits get shorty-short, you know what to do! If you want to wear playsuits during winters, then there’s nothing better than leggings to keep you warm. Pair printed playsuits with plain leggings to make the look a balanced one!

9. Under a slit skirt!

9 new ways to wear leggings Image: Wayman And Micah on Instagram Leggings will complement a skirt with a high slit! It’ll give your legs more definition and it’ll add a whole new look to the skirt. You can experiment with prints and patterns and make this a winning look!  

10. With overtly distressed denims

Denims with extreme open rips can look a little OTT. To balance the look and make it slightly more subtle, wear leggings underneath the jeans. Go crazy experimenting with different colours and patterns! It’s a great way to add a splash of colour to the outfit.  Stock Images: Shutterstock