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10 *New* Indian Short Films That EVERY Girl Should Watch!

10 *New* Indian Short Films That EVERY Girl Should Watch!

These days movies don’t show up on the theatre but instead, arrive directly on your computer screens or maybe even your mobile screens. We have tonnes of YouTube channels and independent websites that bring us raw, hard-hitting and real content. Here is a list of 10 new Indian short films that no girl should miss out on because they’re simply brilliant!

1. White Shirt

When do you decide it’s time to break up with somebody? And how do you get over it? We’ve all faced heartbreak at one time or the other and have often found ourselves stuck in the past. This short film by LargeShortFilms, starring Kunal Kapoor and Kritika Kamra, explains exactly what a break up feels like and when it’s time to move on.
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2. The Easy Girl

What would you think about a girl who goes out drinking with her guy friends? Wears short clothes? What would the guys think about her? That she is easy and asking for sex? This short film by Cinemonkz breaks all barriers that the society has set for women and men. No girl is ‘asking for it’ and no guy needs to assume that.
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3. Half Ticket

We can’t control who we fall in love with or when. This cutesy short film by UltraShorts takes us through the romance of two strangers who happen to be each other’s plus-ones at a derby match. They talk, they get along, they get separated but neither of them know each other’s name! A story about fate and about how sometimes, life just falls in line. This one is a must watch!
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4. Pinjra

A hard-hitting film about women and for women - Pinjra is a must watch. Written in a poetic form, it leaves you with questions only you can answer. LargeShortFilms have really brought all their passion and anger out in this one and we guarantee every woman will relate to it as much as we did!
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5. Dekhne Mein Kya Harj Hai?

Ever had a dinner conversation with your parents about marriage? We’ve all been there, right? Cribbing about all the guys our parents want us to meet or arguing about ‘the right age’ for marriage. Here is a short film by The Short Cuts that shows us the other side of the story. How the parents of this successful girl find her the perfect match and then bring up the topic with tact and subtlety, is hilarious!
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6. Naked

Kalki Koechlin wows us with her performance in this short film by SCUD. An actress with a sex clip gone viral, a journalist torn between morals and sensationalism and the friendship that builds between them! Naked is all about not ignoring things because when has that ever solved anything? The message is loud and clear… We, as women, have to stand by each other.
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7. Peanut Butter

What do you do when you are single but end up with a positive pregnancy test? This film by Playground Digital Cinema explores the spirit of womanhood and all the taboos that surround a single mother. Gauhar Khan plays the part of a hesitant single mother to perfection. Watch it now!
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8. Life After

A woman truly is the epitome of strength. Through the course of her life she learns, fights and strives for happiness. Even when she faces a life-threatening situation and falls down, she always bounces back, stronger than before. This is exactly what this movie by Terribly Tiny Tales teaches us. Also, watch it for Vidya Malvade’s truly spectacular performance.
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9. Her

This movie is for every girl! Why? Because sexual harassment is something we have all faced - be it lewd comments, stares or an unwanted touch. Here is a movie by Bombay Diaries, starring Maanvi Gagroo, that shows us to fight back and how! Definitely something that will stay with you for a long time..
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10. Teri Meri Christmas

Kiara and Rohan break up after being in a live-in relationship but hilarity ensues when Kiara’s parents come over for a surprise visit and Rohan has to handle them on his own. How this situation actually helps the two of them bond and get back together is super cute and funny at the same time. The Short Cuts give us another film worth watching!
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Go ahead girls, watch them all!
Published on Mar 16, 2017
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