11 Myths About Punjabis That Are So. NOT. True!!

11 Myths About Punjabis That Are So. NOT. True!!
All the Punjabi (and non-Punjabi) kudis and mundas in the house, say burrrrrrah! Okay, now that we are done saying hi let’s get down to business. The world seems to have a lot of misconceptions about us Punjabis and the air kinda needs to be cleared, once and for all. So here are a few myths about Punjabis…busted!

1. Myth: Being a Punjabi and being a Sikh mean the same thing.

Fact: A lot of Punjab’s population is Sikh but there are Punjabis who aren't Sikh too. #PunjabiLove 1 myths about punjabis

2. Myth: Punjabis are super loud!

Fact: We are loud ONLY when we are super-duper-heli-cooper excited about something. (And let’s just say we believe in being excited about something or the other for most part of our lives!)

3. Myth: Punjabis cannot live without cholle bhature!

Fact: We also cannot live without rajma chawal, butter chicken, paneer butter masala and daal makhni. 3 myths about punjabis

4. Myth: Punjabi moms are super OTT!

Fact: Punjabi moms act OTT only when their kids do some serious chittar-worthy sh*t!

5. Myth: Punjabis drink a lot!

Fact: We might... But only when when we are in celebration mode! #PatialaPeg 5 myths about punjabis

6. Myth: Punjabis only enjoy Punjabi songs on the dance floor!

Fact: Nope! We can do bhangra on pretty much every kinda song. But seriously, are you telling us there’s something better than playing ‘Taare gin gin yaad ch teri’ on the dance floor and waiting for the DJ to mute the volume at ‘ho ho ho ho’?

7. Myth: Punjabis only get along with Punjabis

Fact: We are not even kidding when we say, we can get along with almost EVERYONE on this planet. In fact, if aliens were to ever come to earth, we’d be the first one to get along with them too! 7 myths about punjabis

8. Myth: Punjabis cannot do dinner without dessert.

Fact: We also cannot do breakfast, tea and lunch without some meetha sheetha!

9. Myth: Punjabis love to flaunt!

Fact: We don’t flaunt. We just like to be appreciated. And we give people hints about how and when to compliment us. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? 9 myths about punjabis

10. Myth: There are Punjabis in every corner of the world!

Fact: Well, we’re still figuring out how to get to Antarctica along with all our boriya bistar, so not yet.  

11. Myth: Bhangra, bistar, beer, butter is the motto of our lives.

Fact: It’s actually Bhangra, bistar, beer, butter and burraahhh! 11 myths about punjabis GIFs: Giphy