10 Common Myths About Washing Your Hair… Busted!

10 Common Myths About Washing Your Hair… Busted!
While some of us love the look of our freshly washed, fluffed up hair, others prefer the day after a hair wash since for them, the hair is more settled by then. One way or the other, washing your hair the right way is key to a squeaky clean, fabulous looking and healthy mane. And while we’ve all read multiple articles on the correct way to wash your hair, there are certain commonly believed myths about the same that need to be debunked NOW! So ladies, stop believing the following 10 myths about hair washing and say hello to your luscious and lovely locks.

Myth 1: A cold hair wash makes the mane shinier.

1 myths about hair washing There’s no denying that a cold water hair wash is so refreshing, especially in the summer. But ladies, if you believe that this will make you hair shinier as it closes the hair cuticles, you’re wrong. On the contrary, cold water can constrict the blood capillaries in your scalp that carry vital nutrients to each and every hair follicle. And that clearly isn’t going to make your hair shinier. Luke warm is the right temperature for washing your hair.

Myth 2: You hair gets used to a shampoo.

If your hair stops responding well to a particular shampoo that you’ve been using, that doesn’t mean it’s become immune to it. In fact, it’s more likely that weather conditions, recent hair colouring or smoothening or even hormonal changes have altered your hair’s texture, and that is the reason your hair doesn’t look and feel the same after using that shampoo.

Myth 3: Frequent shampooing makes your hair so dry!

3 myths about hair washing It is commonly believed that washing your hair too frequently dries out your tresses by stripping off all its natural oils and moisture. In fact, shampooing correctly and with the right products actually moisturizes the hair and gives you healthy hairs. The natural oils produced by the scalp sit on the hair shaft and it is moisture/ water that actually makes these oils penetrate into the hair. Just be sure not to use too much shampoo.

Myth 4: You should always use a shampoo and conditioner that match.

Why limit yourself with a notion like that, ladies? If you have coloured hair and want to use a shampoo that works well by locking in the colour, but want a conditioner that nourishes super dry hair - you should totally make a cocktail of the necessary 2 products and use it! Never mind that the shampoo and conditioner aren’t from the same brand or range. As long as it works for your hair type, go for it!

Myth 5: You need to see it lather to know that it’s really working and cleansing.

5 myths about hair washing That head of bubbles on your head when shampooing is only there for the psychological effects it has - you’re more likely to believe that your hair is getting thoroughly cleaned once the shampoo lathers properly. Here’s bursting your ‘bubble’, ladies - while shampooing, your head needs to have lather that’s just enough to lubricate your hair. So, next time you crib that a shampoo didn’t lather enough, keep in mind that it’s doing its job well and cleansing out all dirt and grime from your scalp just as well as you’d like. In fact, most of those lather-causing ingredients are pretty harsh for your strands, which is why it’s ideal for you to opt for a sulfate-free shampoo.

Myth 6: Daily hair washes damage your hair.

Well, if your scalp gets oily on a daily basis, then shampooing it everyday is the way to go. What would damage your hair on the contrary, would be the dirt an oily scalp can attract as that would end up spoiling the roots. Therefore, if your hair needs a wash daily, do it. Make sure you use a mild shampoo though, so that there is no excess product build-up of any kind and to avoid dryness. Consult your dermatologist for the same and wash that mane as regularly as you like!

Myth 7: Just shampooing is fine, you don’t really need conditioner!

7 myths about hair washing In layman’s language, just like your face requires some moisturizing after you wash it, the hair needs it too. While shampoo cleanses the scalp and hair well, the much-needed moisturization happens when you follow that up with a nice, hydrating conditioner. Apply the conditioner only along the length and ends of the hair and leave it there for approximately 3-5 minutes for the best results.

Myth 8: At times, just rinsing your hair with plain water is enough to cleanse it.

Sure, water has its own cleansing properties, but these might not be enough for a good cleaning job for your mane and scalp. No matter how lazy you feel, shampoo and conditioner are imperative, ladies.

Myth 9: You should always use shampoo before you use conditioner.

9 myths about hair washing This one may sound tricky, but ladies, on days you want some extra volume in your mane, go about it the other way round. Use a conditioner first and follow that with a nice shampoo session. It doesn’t always have to be shampoo and then conditioner.

Myth 10: Conditioner weighs the hair down.

Ladies, we cannot stress enough on the importance of using a conditioner. It provides the hair with necessary moisture and in no way will it weigh the hair down, provided you use the right one for your hair type and the right amount of it. Take a medium-sized dollop of it in your hand and massage in on along the length of your hair. This will moisturize your hair and make it glossier than ever! Images: Shutterstock