13 ‘Dating Myths’ That EVERY Girl Should Ignore!

13 ‘Dating Myths’ That EVERY Girl Should Ignore!
Movies and books have been setting some unrealistic expectations when it comes to dating. But are these ‘rules’ even worth following? Before you convince yourself to follow any of them, here are some myths about dating to ignore!

Myth 1: The guy needs to pay on dates.

You’re a strong independent girl who earns her own money. Go ahead, offer to split that bill or once in a while just pick the tab and pay for both of you. Let him feel special too! 1 myths about dating to ignore

Myth 2: You need to hold off on sex until the 5th date, at least!

There is no such thing as the right amount of time to wait before having sex. If you feel like having sex on the first date, go for it. If you still aren’t ready after a year of dating, that’s perfectly fine too. You do you what you want, girl!

Myth 3: You’re too young to be thinking about your future in your 20s.

It’s absolutely fine to think about building a future with your partner even if you are in your early 20s. If you two feel a particular way about each other, let no one tell you that you’re too young to be making plans. 3 myths about dating to ignore

Myth 4: Friends with benefits can never lead to anything serious.

What may have started as a casual fling could turn into a serious relationship. Sometimes, people who are physically intimate may develop feelings for each other with time. But on the flip side, they may never progress beyond the physical intimacy. Be prepared for both situations!

Myth 5: Wait 3 days before you contact them.

The three day rule mentioned in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (and SO many chick-flicks) is completely ridiculous. There is no stipulated amount of time you are supposed to wait before you call after a first date or a first meeting. Let them know you had a wonderful time with them the next day, if you want to. 5 myths about dating to ignore

Myth 6: Never talk about your ex.

While you don’t need to give details about your past relationships on the first date itself, you may choose to tell your partner about them when the relationship starts becoming serious. It's a way to let them in - don't let some ‘dating rule’ hold you back from that.

Myth 7: There is a ‘Mr. Perfect’ out there for every girl.

The concept of Mr. Perfect, as made popular by movies like The Notebook, is what has ruined dating for mere mortals like us. There is no such thing as a Mr. Perfect, just a man you love despite all his flaws. 7 myths about dating to ignore

Myth 8: Love is enough.

Love is never enough. While it is the most important part of a relationship, things like communication, trust and respect are what ensure that the relationship works.

Myth 9: Happy couples don't fight.

Again, girls, please stop believing this!! If you don’t fight with your partner, take a closer look at the relationship. Are you two communicating properly with each other and saying what you really feel? Fights are actually healthy - don't let anyone tell you otherwise! 9 myths about dating to ignore

Myth 10: Men aren’t as emotional as women.

Men are just as emotional as we are. Just because some of them decide to not showcase their feelings as openly as we do, doesn't mean that they don't exist. So don’t underestimate the depth of his emotions, girls!

Myth 11: Chemistry is the most important thing between two people.

Chemistry with your partner is great at first but things like kindness, compatibility and shared life goals are what last in a relationship once the chemistry fades. Make sure you’re not too enamoured too see the reality.
11 myths about dating to ignore

Myth 12: Only my opinion about my partner matters.

Girlfriend, you’re only partially right on that. ‘Love is blind,’ is a famous expression for a reason. Sometimes, people around us can see things more objectively than we can. Pay heed to their concerns too! They have your best interests at heart.

Myth 13: Some relationships are perfect

Let’s all take a deep breath in and accept that picture perfect relationships DO NOT exist. Every couple messes up things for themselves at one point or the other. The only thing that makes relationships last is the will to be together. 13 myths about dating to ignore GIFs: Giphy