#MyStory: How My Guy And I Went From Rebound… To Romance! | POPxo
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#MyStory: How My Guy And I Went From Rebound… To Romance!

#MyStory: How My Guy And I Went From Rebound… To Romance!

It had been two months since my breakup with Sameer. I had been a royal mess for the first few weeks and then, I finally started immersing myself in work so much that it started bothering me lesser and lesser every day. My friends thought I should start dating again. They even tried to set me up on a few dates, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to meet a new guy right just yet. Then one night, a friend, Seema, was having a house party, and I decided to go there and meet new people with an open mind.
That’s where I bumped into Ryan. He was a project manager at Seema’s NGO. He was in town for six months for a training program after which he was to head back to London and take care of the operations there. It was his first week here so I thought I should talk to him and familiarize him to Delhi. Also, we had a lot to talk about because I had just moved back from London after completing my masters. It was an easy conversation and my favourite one. By the end of the night, we were quite buzzed with all the alcohol and of course the deep talks we were having. Ryan and I spent almost 5-6 hours together. Nothing happened that night, but we did exchange numbers. I couldn’t believe that I could connect with someone so easily and so quickly. He messaged the next day and asked me out to dinner. I had to say yes, there was no reason to say no. We met at a cafe and got chatting again. We sat there for a few hours and we didn’t even realize how time passed by. It was closing time at the cafe but we weren’t done, so, I invited him over to my place. I was a bit nervous, to be honest, but at that point, I was really looking forward to spending more time with him.
Internal not a rebound We reached home and got comfortable on my couch. It didn’t take us too long to start kissing and then making out. It seemed so natural. I was attracted to him, no doubt. One thing led to another and we hooked up. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but it was all so smooth, it just fell in place. I let go and had a good time. We cuddled and slept. He left early morning the next day. We couldn’t stop texting and calling each other from then on. But, in my head I knew I had to stop talking to him, because nothing would ever work out. Also, now that we had already had sex, I thought it wouldn’t be right to make this a habit or a relationship of convenience. I texted him saying that it was great to have met him and that that night was good, but that’s all. He didn’t reply for a few hours even though he had read the message.
I was quite anxious because I actually wanted more from this, but now that he hadn’t replied, I thought maybe we blew the chance. I thought he was just a guy I had to hook up with to get over Sameer. But still, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. In the evening, my doorbell rang and it was him. He came with a bunch of flowers and some sushi. We just ended up watching a movie and talking. That’s when I realized that sex or no sex, he and I did really get along. We started hanging out everyday, and yes, we did have sex once in awhile, but we really did build a relationship that was so much more than just that. It has been five months now, and it’s almost time for him to head back to London and as I am looking for jobs there, he’s also trying to extend his stay here for as long as he can. We are in a good space. I had thought otherwise, but he was not a rebound... This turned out to be so much more. Sometimes, unexpectedly, you meet people at certain moments in your life and they turn out to be exactly what you need at that point! Even though it may be hard to see, you just cannot hold back, and somewhere deep within, you know that it feels right.
* Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock
Published on Mar 16, 2017
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