#MyStory: I Met *Him* At My Best Friend’s Birthday Party And… | POPxo
#MyStory: I Met *Him* At My Best Friend’s Birthday Party And…

#MyStory: I Met *Him* At My Best Friend’s Birthday Party And…

I am a hopeless romantic and I trust very easily. Both these aspects of my personality made it very much possible for my heart to break multiple times, five times over, to be precise. So, a year back, I was dealing with a heartbreak. I had just gone through a bad relationship where the guy cheated on me and when I decided to leave him, he didn't even bother to make an effort to stop me. Thankfully, all this happened at the time of my spring break which meant I got to stay at home and deal with it there. I was completely shattered and was only functioning because of my family and my best friend, Nitya. I completely went underground while I was at home but my best friend's birthday was coming up and I wanted to throw her a surprise party.
We used to study in different colleges and I decided to get in touch with all her friends in order to invite them for the party.There was this amazing guy, Rohit who was her best friend's friend and though I knew him a little, we hadn't really talked before my best friend's birthday party. I invited more than a dozen other people for the surprise party, but, nobody bothered to offer me a helping hand except him. During the party, we didn't get to talk much because I was busy handling all the other guests. I knew he was a genuinely good guy when I first spoke to him while I was inviting him to the party and I really wanted to thank him for all his help but I just couldn’t. The party ended, I came back home and I was getting ready to sleep when suddenly my phone vibrated and I saw a text from Rohit and the content of that text changed my entire mood. Internal met my boyfriend at my besties birthday party Nobody was able to notice even in two months what he managed to notice in just two hours. The text was a very simple, caring and cute one. All he wrote was, 'Hey, are you okay? I noticed you were zoned out during the party a few times. I hope all is well.' This guy didn’t know me, wasn’t friends with me but still managed to figure something was off with me. Those sessions occur when somebody is going through depression. A person just zones out completely for a few seconds or minutes. I was dealing with a very tough time and depression. At that point I really needed to and wanted to get to know this guy more! And since that day, everything in my life changed for the better. After being friends for almost two months, he proposed to me in a grand way with bouquets, pretty gifts, cake, balloons and candles. It has been almost a year now that we have been together. After I met my boyfriend at my bestie’s birthday party, I finally realized why it had never worked out with anyone else… Because we were meant for each other. All those heartbreaks paved my path to Rohit. The guy who put back all the broken pieces of my heart.
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Published on Mar 29, 2017
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