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#MyStory: I Made Out With Him… At My Bestie’s Wedding!

#MyStory: I Made Out With Him… At My Bestie’s Wedding!

A dear friend from college was getting married in Goa and it was going to be a grand reunion for most of us, as we had moved to different cities after graduation. Since this was a destination wedding, that too in Goa, many friends of the couple were flying down from all over the world. I was fully prepared to go and have a ball. I needed a break from work, something new to look forward to and of course, some eye candy. And that was definitely something I was excited about. We landed, checked in and got comfortable. The mehendi function started in the afternoon, where I spent most of my time catching up with my college friends. That same evening was the cocktail function and that’s when the party really began.
All decked up, I walked into the ballroom where everyone was ready with their dancing shoes on. But first, I had to head to the bar where my group of friends were standing along with Ranveer, a friend of the groom. While I was trying to grab the bartender’s attention, which I was failing miserably at, he asked me what I wanted to drink. I ignored him and asked the bartender for my drink once again. But eventually, Ranveer was the one who got me my drink and that’s when we started talking. Nothing great, just the usual small talk. But somehow, the conversation went beyond a few minutes and he didn’t bore me, so we kept chatting. Within the next one hour, Ranveer and I had a good number of shots and I was pretty buzzed. I had to sober down, so, we went to get some food. All of us. After the meal was over, he and I decided to go out for a walk. Internal made out with a guy at my besties wedding We found the perfect spot and sat on the chairs near the swimming pool. It just seemed like the place where we could sit and chat without too much noise. Within a couple of minutes of we cosied up in one chair. We were just talking when he came closer and kissed me. I have to admit, he was quite hot and I was enjoying the moment. To break this perfect moment, my phone started ringing as my friends started looking for me. We went back inside and danced and drank a little more.
But the moment wasn’t complete and we both wanted more. After some time, we sneaked out to those chairs once more. The party was almost over, everyone had gone back to their rooms. It was 4 am by that time and we were pretty high. One thing led to another and soon we were kissing and caressing each other’s bodies without thinking about where we were. At one point in the morning, he almost undid my dress. But I was so cozy, it didn’t really matter. After a long make out session, we both passed out there itself. We woke up when it was daylight and hoped that no one had noticed us there. I sneaked back into my room and tried to get some sleep. We had to get up in a few hours for the wedding ceremony, after which he was flying out. That was it, that night was a memorable one! We’re still in touch and cannot stop talking about it. I hadn’t ever imagined that I would be daring enough to do something so crazy, but Ranveer made it so easy that I just went with the flow without a doubt! It’s going to take something crazier to make that impression go away! Until then, I am just surprised that I made out with a guy at my bestie’s wedding! *Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock  Have a story you’d like to share? Just drop us an email here with your story – don’t forget to put #MyStory in the subject line. We’ll get back to you about whether we can feature it.
Published on Mar 13, 2017
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