10 Tricks That ALL Girls With *Perfect* Makeup Swear By!

10 Tricks That ALL Girls With *Perfect* Makeup Swear By!
You’ve probably wondered how that one girl’s makeup is always spot on and perfect, no matter the time of day or month or year. Makeup application skills are acquired over a period of time, ladies. Here is a cheat sheet for you that has every makeup hack deconstructed so that you no longer need to wonder how she gets that perfect look each time! These are all the makeup secrets the ‘makeup on point’ girl is keeping from you.

1. She pays way more attention to her skincare than her makeup

1 makeup secrets Yes! This is the main reason her makeup looks so well done. Good skin care results is great skin which requires lesser makeup to look fabulous! Also, acne and blemish free skin ends up looking more even toned and glowy once we apply foundation. We could all stand to benefit from this piece of advice!

2. She plans her makeup look

Every effortless look is planned, right down to the last detail. Attention to detail, especially when it comes to makeup, is the key to achieving a picture perfect look every single time. Use your free time to practice your looks way in advance so that you are not caught off guard.

3. The more effortless the look she intends to achieve, the more effort it actually takes

3 makeup secrets The ‘no makeup look’ has been touted as the one of most difficult looks to achieve. Making makeup look like makeup is easy, but making it look like flawless skin is where the skill lies. She has certainly mastered this skill. Take a page out of her book and follow suit!

4. She blends a lot more than you can imagine

Sponges, brushes, beauty blenders are all available in abundance in her arsenal because she knows very well that blending is the most crucial step in achieving a flawless makeup look. She takes good care of her blending tools too! We could all stand to learn this lesson from her!

5. She always primes

5 makeup secrets Like a canvas, your skin needs to be prepped before you apply makeup. She swears by this rule and doesn’t skip priming her skin ever! Which is why her makeup glides on effortlessly and stays on for hours without smudging no matter how late she has been partying or how hard she has been working!

6. Exfoliation is her best friend

The way rough edges have to be buffed out, so does skin. Buffing removes the top layer of skin to reveal a smooth and fresh layer beneath. It makes your skin feel supple and your products will glide on so much better.

7. She matches her base makeup to her skin tone, exactly

7 makeup secrets She tries and tries till she gets it right and isn’t afraid to try out her makeup in different types of lighting to make sure it actually matches her skin tone to the T! This is something we all should do as part of our efforts for the perfect makeup look.

8. She isn’t tempted to apply too much

She is content with little because she knows less is more. You may have spent a bomb on your makeup but that doesn’t mean you have to apply it all at once. Be smart about it so it always looks chic!

9. She isn’t a slave to trends

9 makeup secrets She always customises the latest trends to suit her skin and the look she is trying to achieve. She never blindly copies a look without checking if it actually suits her. When in doubt, she sticks to classics like a smokey eye and nude lips!

10. She has got her basics right

Getting the basics right is half the battle won, and she knows this. Which is why she has made an effort to master the basics before moving on to the fancy stuff. If you don’t know how to apply an eyeliner with a steady hand, it may be a tad bit hard to master the more complex winged eyeliner look. You get the drift, right? Images: Shutterstock