#WeddingNight: 10 Ways To Make Your Boobs Look Even More Sexy!

#WeddingNight: 10 Ways To Make Your Boobs Look Even More Sexy!
Aah… The wedding night! We all have just so many thoughts and emotions and dreams about this one amazing night of our life. And every bride wants to look just spectacular as she takes off one clothing item at a time. From the endless grooming sessions at the salon to the lingerie and the nightwear, you go all out. After all, you do want to look stunning even without the bridal lehenga. And ladies, your boobs are the first thing he’ll notice as you step out in your sexy lingerie. So miss bride-to-be, here are a 10 ways to make your boobs look even better on the wedding night. Go ahead, blow his mind!

1. Your boobs need exfoliation too

Just like you exfoliate the rest of your body, your boobs too need an occasional scrub. Once every 10 days, use a mild scrub like the Juicy Chemistry Rose, Almond & Shea Body Scrub on your breasts. Exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin cells and leaves you with smoother skin. Don’t forget to follow up with a nice moisturizer.

2. Massage those babies!

2 make your boobs look even better Giving your boobs a good rub every now and then increases blood flow there and can even enhance their shape and size. Yup, it’s true! A light massage after you get out of the shower helps keep your breasts firm too. A quick massage for a minute or two every other day is great to make your babies look fuller and firm.

3. Get yourself measured

We can’t emphasize enough on how important it is to get yourself measured every 6 months. It’s shocking how a lot of women still wear the wrong bra size. And for your boobs to look their very best, the perfect fit is so important. An ill-fitted bra can damage your breasts while also messing with their appearance. Get yourself measured and take the help of a professional to know what kind of bra your breasts really need.  

4. Go buy that push-up!

4 make your boobs look even better Settle for only the best for your wedding night. And nothing like a sensual push-up bra to make those twins look even more fabulous. A good push-up bra enhances your cleavage while making your breasts look even more amazing. This mermaid blue satin push-up bra is so sexy for the wedding night!

5. Brush on some bronzer

Bronzer is the key to those fabulous looking boobs you’ve always wanted. Lightly dust some bronzer down the middle of your breasts and brush a bit of luminizing powder on the top half. It gives your boobs a nice sheen and makes them look gorge when the light reflects off of them. Perfectly applied bronzer also gives the illusion of rounder, curvier breasts.

6. Sleeping right

6 make your boobs look even better It’s never too late to kickstart a good habit. And believe it or not, sleeping on your stomach or on your side really does harm your boobs. It can cause wrinkles and even result in sagging. For perky, firm breasts, start sleeping on your back. And start doing that TODAY!

7. Practise the posture

First off, nothing looks more unflattering than slouchy shoulders. So push back those shoulders and your precious assets to naturally look more appealing. And when you slip out of those clothes, make sure not to stand face front. Turn your body slightly to accentuate the curves of your body and the breasts.

8. The magic of contouring

8 make your boobs look even better From making your boobs look bigger and curvier to enhancing the cleavage, contouring really can flatter your breasts. Start by contouring the inner part of your boobs with a dark foundation and dust on some highlighter to enhance the curves. You can even ask your bridal makeup artist to help you with this.  

9. Those dainty accessories

A nice delicate chain that runs down your cleavage can make such a difference to your look. A pretty accessory around your neck can actually make your boobs and the overall appearance a lot more sensual. Don’t forget to carry one in your overnight bag!

10. A sexy scent

10 make your boobs look even better Spray on just a hint of your signature scent on those babies and we swear, he just won’t be able to resist himself from coming close. Just don’t over do it, cause, you know, you don’t want him to have trouble playing with them! Images: Shutterstock