If Your Boyfriend Acted Like A Kid

If Your Guy Acted Like A Kid - This Is SO Silly That You’ll LOL!

Anasuya Ray Chaudhuri

Guest Contributor

Ladies, let’s face it: women do tend to be at least a bit more mature than men. At least in most situations in life! Including, ever so often, in relationships too. And there’s probably no girlfriend in the world who’s NOT thought even once that ‘OMG, why is he being so childish about this?!’ But here’s the thing: what if your guy ACTUALLY acted like a kid? Like, for real? From going ‘I want to go home nowwww’ when you’re out with people to deciding it’s naptime at the most inconvenient places? Just imagine that situation! Well, no, you don’t need to imagine it, 'coz youtwoTV has made a HILARIOUS video about it! Watch the 'If Your Boyfriend Acted Like A Kid' video now - we bet you’ll be laughing like crazy all through.

(P.S.: Don’t forget to tag your guy and point out the bits of the video you feel he kinda actually does!!)
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Published on Mar 19, 2017
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