if my body could talk

A Girl & Her Body - This Video Will Make You Laugh ALL Day Long!!

Amrita Paul

Junior Lifestyle Editor

What if your body had a voice and it could speak? Imagine you are all set for a night out, but those brand-new stilettos hurt like crap and your feet protest in unison? Or every morning when you are about to put on a bra, your boobs are already bellowing to be set free from this seemingly-sexy prison? And what about those times when we continue stuffing our faces with copious quantities of junk...and at the same time that our stomach is telling us it is a terrible idea?  If your body speaks to you in ways more than one - this 'If My Body Could Talk' video by Superwoman Lilly Singh is sure to strike a chord. For the times that you flashed an awkward grin while trying to suck in your belly while clicking a photograph. For when your body suddenly froze when you got stuck with a lot more work. For when a crush responded to your overtures and your heart was shrieking and throbbing, your feet were tingling and in your head you wanted him to marry you already… This is for ALL those times. Watch this now, and we swear you’ll be laughing your butt off!!
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Published on Mar 14, 2017
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