10 Ideas To Make Your Last *Single* Birthday Absolutely Amazing!

10 Ideas To Make Your Last *Single* Birthday Absolutely Amazing!
Birthdays are always a big deal but when it’s your last single birthday, the deal just gets even bigger. This one birthday is super special for your family, for all the emotional reasons and your friends too want to make it grand because next year on this day, you’ll probably be on a romantic date with your hubby. So, dear bride-to-be, take a little time off from all that wedding planning and start thinking about your last birthday before marriage! Here are 10 amazing ideas to make it truly memorable.

1. Pajama party...just like old times!

Remember those school days when you’d have sleepovers with all your friends? Relive those old times by having all your girls over. Take a break from dressing up and flop on that bed in your comfy pajamas. Lots of yummy food, nail art sessions, a chick flick on your TV and tons of gossip to share. Now that sounds like such a nice lovely time. When was the last time you did that?! Throw in some breezers and do click lots of crazy pictures.   1 last birthday before marriage

2. It’s time for some adventure

Can you think of one adventure activity that you’ve always wanted to try? On this birthday, gift yourself some adrenaline rush. And it doesn’t have to be anything too out there. A hot air balloon ride or paragliding, zipping, rock climbing, or how about river rafting? There is so much that you should experience and why not your last single birthday to take on the challenge.  

3. Let’s go road tripping!

A road trip with your friends! Even the thought of it sounds exciting, right?! Make it your bachelorette + birthday and finally take that long pending trip. Drive down to a destination a couple of hours away from your city and make a lot of memories on the road. Sing aloud your favourite songs, stop by at a dhaba to grab a quick bite - road trips are always so much fun! 3 last birthday before marriage

4. 'Mom & me' day out

How about an entire day spent with mommy dearest? If you’re shifting cities after the wedding, this day should totally be dedicated to the woman who brought you into this world. A trip to the mall followed by a movie and coffee. A quick foot spa and then some lunch. Go all out and make sure to make the most of this day. Trust us, it’ll be wonderful and you’ll be hoping that the day never ends.

5. Spa date with the girls

This one's definitely our favourite. Book a day at the spa for you and your bestie and indulge in a long relaxing massage. Follow it up with a pedicure and maybe a refreshing facial. Spoil yourself silly and spend the day pampering yourselves. Sip on some fresh fruit smoothies and oatmeal cookies and come back home feeling totally rejuvenated. 5 last birthday before marriage

6. A dinner with the #FamJam!

You’ve had it pretty hectic with all the wedding planning, so this one day, keep it relaxed and easy. A fancy dinner with your entire extended family is just the thing you need to do. Choose a nice restaurant and spend the night bonding with all your cousins and aunts. You’ll even get plenty of time to discuss amazing ideas for your wedding!

7. Birthday party at home!

Okay, we’re talking about recreating your school time birthday party. Start be sending out paper invites (not WhatsApp!), keep a theme dating back to your school years and pack the evening with lots of fun games like musical chairs and passing the parcel. Of course, you can have more grown up dares! Get your friends cute return gifts and make sure the decor is all about colorful balloons and lots of streamers! 7 last birthday before marriage

8. Staycation calling

Step out of the chaos of the wedding planning and do a staycation for your last single birthday. It could be with your family or your friends or just you and your sister spending some quality time together.

9. Naughty night out

This one’s about going all out. Like, all out! Get your girls together and do it just like college times. A pub crawl or a night of crazy tabletop dancing at the newest bar. Dress up in your sexy LBDs and those high heels. Make it wild, make it crazy and make it a night you’ll never ever forget. 9 last birthday before marriage

10. Foodie favorites!

We’re talking of a food walk around the city. With the wedding approaching, we’re sure you’ve been watching your diet a little too closely. Take a day off from all those salads and indulge in all your favourites. Home cooked rajma and the chocolate brownie from the bakery next door. The pasta at your favourite Italian joint and some roadside gol gappas. Eat, eat and be merry! GIFs: Giphy