10 Ways To Know If He’s A Jerk… In The First 10 Minutes!

10 Ways To Know If He’s A Jerk… In The First 10 Minutes!
Have you ever gone out with a guy and later felt like you totally wasted your time, because he turned out to be a jerk? We have all been there. So, here we are, to save the day. Here’s how to tell if a guy is a jerk, in the first 10 minutes of meeting him.

1. He is looking south as he approaches you, instead of looking straight at you.

Not necessarily into your eyes but he should be looking somewhere in the face region. He should not be checking you out even before he has said the customary ‘Hello’. 1 how to tell if a guy is a jerk

2. He keeps walking ahead of you.

...While simultaneously blabbering something which isn’t even remotely interesting. If he does not understand the basic concept of walking beside his date, as opposed to strutting ahead of her, he might not be worth your time, ladies.

3. He just won’t let you speak!

No, just no! This guy uses no commas and certainly no full stops. He doesn’t even make an effort to get to know you because he is too busy narrating his life stories to you.

3 how to tell if a guy is a jerk

4. While you are talking to each other, he’s checking out other women.

Seriously? Whatever happened to chivalry and more so, general courtesy?

5. He brags about himself constantly and thinks he’s SO cool.

He is really really not. He needs to look around and realize he is surrounded by so many awesome people (one of whom is sitting right in front of him), who have achieved way more than he has. This is a tell-tale sign of a total jerk.

5 how to tell if a guy is a jerk

6. He is rude to the waiter.

Being rude to someone just because they are serving you, attending to you or are reporting to you at work is the worst thing ever. If he does this, feel free to walk away.

7. He makes stereotypical assumptions about you.

If ‘So, you obviously love pink?’ is his way of starting a conversation, ladies, he’s just not worth any kind of effort. Irrespective of whether or not you like the colour pink, it’s not okay for him to assume it.

7 how to tell if a guy is a jerk

8. He talks to you about the other girls he is dating.

TMI! This guy clearly does not understand that it’s not making him look like a cool casanova, instead, it’s making him sound like an absolute idiot.

9. He is way more interested in his phone than having a conversation with you.

You really have no idea why he is on a date with you, in the first place. All he seems to be interested in, is his smartphone.

9 how to tell if a guy is a jerk

10. If he ticks off 4 or more of the above points!

It’s your cue to take off, ladies! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr