10 Effective Ways To Lose Those Last Few Kgs Before Your Shaadi!

10 Effective Ways To Lose Those Last Few Kgs Before Your Shaadi!
Following a fitness routine diligently is non-negotiable for a healthy lifestyle. And when you have a goal-oriented fitness routine, such as, for your wedding, it is motivation enough to give it your all as you eat healthy, exercise well and take measures to have a good metabolism rate. However, brides-to-be, if it so happens that you don’t hit your target weight in time for the big day, we have a few tips to help you out. Here are 10 ways to lose the last few kilos before your wedding. They really work!

1. Don’t skip your workouts

1 lose the last few kilos before your wedding Now is not the time to skimp on your workouts. Be supremely dedicated to your workout routine to make sure all your hard work actually pays off. Make sure you workout at least 3-4 times a week to keep your metabolism rate sky high!

2. Tweak your workout routine

Sticking to the same routine means your body will end up adjusting to it, which will slowly lead to a weight loss plateau. Constantly challenging your body by incorporating new workouts will make sure you don’t hit that plateau. Try pilates, kickboxing, TRX, yoga and bosu workouts, among others, to keep your body fit!

3. Avoid eating out too often

3 lose the last few kilos before your wedding Amidst the impending festivities, it may be very tempting to grab a bite with your friends and family, at your favourite restaurant(s). But try to give eating out a miss right before your wedding or at least limit it so that you are eating healthy home-cooked meals for the most part. This will ensure that you don’t pile on any extra pounds and upset your system.

4. Start juicing

Ladies, juices are packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins. It’s a simple and quick way to get the required nutrients for your body to be at its best. Flavour your juices with apple, pineapple, lemon and mint to give it a fresh flavour and some natural sweetness.

5. Snack smartly

5 lose the last few kilos before your wedding Snack regularly but make sure you don’t eat junk. Stick to fruits, nuts, salads and other fibre-rich foods which will help fill you up without being too calorie dense. Snacking regularly keeps your metabolism going too, ladies.

6. Don’t shy away from strength training

If you’ve been a cardio girl all your life, now is the time to give strength training a shot. It will boost the results of your cardio workouts immensely and the results are just phenomenal. Building muscle helps your body burn fat consistently for longer periods of time. Plus, more muscle means you look lean.

7. Concentrate on your core

7 lose the last few kilos before your wedding Core fitness is super important. Strong abs and back muscles equal a better posture and lesser back pain. Doing cardio alone won’t get you the flat stomach you so desire. You have to work your core for your tummy to look lean and taut. Do a variety of exercises and not just crunches so that monotony does not impede your progress. A strong core means your tummy will look fabulous in a lehenga/saree.

8. Up your water intake

However much water you’re drinking now, up the intake. With summer approaching, your body is losing more water than before and you need to replenish it to keep it hydrated. Drinking too little water can cause water retention which can make you look bloated.

9. Get enough rest

9 lose the last few kilos before your wedding All the pre-wedding rituals and parties may leave you sleep deprived and exhausted. Make sure you get your beauty rest to allow your body to recuperate from the workouts and allow it to heal itself. Tiring your body out too much can lead to a lot of problems so make sure you are well rested in the days leading up to your wedding.

10. Massages as a reward

After all this hard work and dedication, you ought to treat yourself to some TLC. Massages improve blood flow and help reduce cellulite, making them the perfect accompaniment to your pre-wedding fitness routine. Images: Shutterstock