10 Tiny Lifestyle Changes To Look Even *More* Amazing Naked!

10 Tiny Lifestyle Changes To Look Even *More* Amazing Naked!

Being naked, especially when it’s in front of your guy, can make you feel a little shy. If you feel conscious of the way you look naked then you’re not the only one. We have a few ideas that may help you. Here’s how to look confident naked!

1. Stop taking inspiration from the girls in magazines

The models and actors in magazines have a lot of people working on them to make them look like that. You are just yourself and you are more than enough. So, please girls, stop setting those unrealistic beauty standards for yourself, to begin with. Pretty please? how to look confident naked 1

2. Pamper yourself

Make sure you get one day off in a month...just for yourself. Get waxed, opt for a facial or anything else that makes you feel beautiful. This would make you want to keep looking at yourself and of course, take a million selfies!

3. Some naked alone time maybe?

Lie around your house naked (when you’re home alone, of course!). There is nothing more that gives you more confidence than looking at your body when you’re lying down naked on the bed. Give yourself time to be comfortable with your naked body. Try to sneak in some time for this, for your body.

4. Sweat it out

A fit body always results in a fit mind. Fitness is not just about working out hours in a day. It is about taking simple steps to a healthy life. For example, take the stairs when you can and go for a walk early in the morning. This will not only tone your body but will actually make you love looking at it, every day! how to look confident naked 4

5. Improve your posture

Improving your posture has got a lot to do with your confidence, especially in the long run. Don’t slouch when you sit or stand and walk like you own the world (because you do!). Walk with confidence and never let anyone make you feel like you’re any less.

6. Channel your inner diva

Think of what Beyonce will do, because Beyonce can’t be wrong. You won’t look gorgeous if you don’t feel gorgeous. Think of that one person who helps you feel like a superstar. Channel your inner diva to feel confident all day long. You know you’re fabulous… You just need the right instinct in you to tell you this. Shake that booty and get on with the day!

7. Get yourself fancy lingerie

Sexy lingerie can lift your mood almost instantly! Shop for some lacy lingerie and wear it just to feel great about your body regularly. Look at yourself in the mirror, take a selfie or two, too! Don’t just wear it on the days you meet him, wear it every day if you feel like it! how to look confident naked 7

8. Touch yourself, more often

Touching yourself is a great way to be aware of your body and its sexual side. This not only makes you feel self-assured but also elevates your confidence. It only makes you love your body a lot more. 

9. Pick up a hobby

Out of all the things one can do, remaining stress-free will always help! Stress can lead to exhaustion and fatigue. Take some time out from your schedule to do things that make you happy. It could be reading a book, baking a cupcake or playing a sport. Anything that makes you feel rejuvenated and alive. Staying stress-free will make you look hotter than ever.

10. Start eating right

Eating healthy is the biggest yet easiest solution for almost every problem. If your skin does not feel fresh, you’re probably not eating right. If your face has frequent breakouts then you’re not having enough water. Fix your diet in a way that it makes your body hotter and you can feel sexy regardless of anything! Take a small step towards eating atleast one healthy meal a day. how to look confident naked 10 GIFs: Giphy