10 *Golden* Rules For Shiny Hair EVERY Girl Should Know!

10 *Golden* Rules For Shiny Hair EVERY Girl Should Know!

Don’t we all love shiny hair that models flaunt in shampoo advertisements? And why wouldn’t we? After all, a healthy mane that’s lustrous and shiny, adds so much to your overall look. So ladies, if you’re battling dried out, unhealthy looking tresses, here’s how to get shiny hair easily. These are the only 10 rules you need to follow.    

1. Shampoo as regularly as you need it

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While it is believed that shampooing your hair too often strips the hair of its natural oils, but not shampooing hair and leaving it dirty can cause more damage than you think. So, even if you need to wash your hair on a daily basis, use a mild shampoo, but go for it. A dirty and oily scalp will eventually damage your hair and rob hair of all its shine.

2. Choose the right shampoo

Always choose a shampoo based on the texture of your hair and how often you need to wash it. Better still, look for one that is infused with essential oils which will nourish and hydrate your hair to the fullest. Do some research, and try out different shampoos until you find the one that results in your hair looking shiny and healthy.

3. Water wonders

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Drinking enough water (and then some more) is very important, ladies. Hydrating yourself well shows up on the surface, with shiny skin and hair. In fact, make it a point to have a glass of water as soon as you wake up, and keep a bottle of water with you all day long to ensure that you have enough of the magical liquid.

4. Cool rinse cures

Perfect home remedy for acquiring shiny hair! You might want to use lukewarm water during a shower, but follow that up with just a 2-minute cold water rinse for your hair - that will add oodles of sheen to your locks. This is because heat tends to splinter the cuticles of the hair, and that results in an uneven surface. A cold water wash will take care of that.   

5. Conditioning is a must

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Invest in a good conditioner, ladies. The moisture and hydration that conditioning provides, is what results in shiny hair. One packed with essential oils will nourish the hair and zap all the dryness in no time. Make sure that you condition after shampooing, every time.

6. No heat, please

The more heat styling you use, the more your hair will dry up. Steer clear from hair dryers and straighteners as often as you can to maintain your hair health. Say no to heat if you want to get that lovely shine in your hair, ladies.

7. Hydrating hair packs at home

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Home remedies work wonders in boosting shine on hair. Applying egg, curd, milk, and various oils, among other natural ingredients, is what gives the tresses a healthy boost. Be it volume or a generous amount of lustre - it can all happen if you give your hair some TLC, at least once a week. Read up about hair packs here.

8. Post-wash care

Your hair treatment doesn’t end once you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair. Just like you apply moisturiser on your face after washing it, your hair needs some hydration post-shampoo to add that shine. Be it a nice serum or an oil - it should be massaged into the length of your post-wash hair. Opt for one moisturizing product that will do the job well.

9. Spa essentials

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There is no substitute for a nice hair spa every 1-2 months. Book yourself one to give your hair a boost of moisture, shine and nutrients. No amount of conditioners or hair packs can match up to the pampering done for your hair at a spa salon.

10. Sun protection

We apply sunscreen on our face before heading outdoors to protect it from the sun, then why shouldn’t our hair be given the same kind of treatment? Ladies, the harmful rays of the sun can damage our tresses and dry them out. We suggest you use a hat or scarf before heading out in the sun, just so that it doesn’t rip the shine off your hair.