How To Be *Less* Nervous In Front Of Your Crush - 11 Easy Ways!

How To Be *Less* Nervous In Front Of Your Crush - 11 Easy Ways!
Ladies, we know. You read the title in your head and went, ‘OMG, yaaaaas’ didn’t you? You aren’t alone. Talking to that cute dreamy guy can be a task because somehow, everytime he comes in front of you, your brain just starts playing dumb charades with the rest of your body! The words get lost all over the place, English starts to feel like an alien language. So, let’s all sit down and do something about this crazy situation. Here are a few pointers on how to be less nervous around your crush!

1. 1, 2, 3, breeeathe!

No, seriously. Do that. You're gonna have a lot of butterflies in your stomach and that’s cool, but you don’t want to blabber meaningless sentences to him, do you? Calm your nerves and get your game face on. 1 less nervous around your crush

2. Make eye contact and smile!

So this happens to the best of us. You see him in a corridor or something and your brain connections suddenly snap! You have no clue what to do how to react. So take our advice on this one. Whenever you see him… Smile. If you feel he isn’t preoccupied and the eye contact lasts long enough maybe say hi too!

3. Be ‘kinda’ occupied!

Ok, no, you don’t want to be Ms Fiddlesticks but what we mean is be moderately occupied. If you know you are going to run into your crush have your phone or a diary or something else in your hand that will help you calm your nerves and cover up a bit of your nervousness. 3 less nervous around your crush

4. Social media to your rescue!

Familiarize yourself with what kind of a person he is. A little bit of social media stalking (within the limits) never hurt anyone. Look at his social media posts to get an idea about what he likes and is interested in. This way you won’t be as nervous or have a blatantly quizzical look on your face when you are around him.

5. Think of one thing you would want to talk to him about, in advance!

Take cues from your gentle stalking and think about one thing that you would talk to him about the next time you see him. You won’t be tongue tied anymore, girlfriend!
5 less nervous around your crush

6. If possible, talk about something you are good at.

No, you don’t want to start boasting out of the blue but find a way to steer the conversation in a direction favourable to you. For example, if he likes music and you like poetry you could start the conversation with music, then go on to lyrics and then poetry! This will help you feel more confident and you will have enough things to say. Plus, it will make him feel a bit wowed too!

7. Turn to your wingwoman!

Our girlfriends are our soulmates! Ask your bestie to be by your side whenever possible, at least the first couple of times. You may not even need her to do much damage control but it’s always a very comforting feeling when you know you have someone to douse the fire incase you happen to spark one up! 7 less nervous around your crush

8. Be friends with his friends!

The best way to be comfortable around your crush is to be friends with his friends. You don’t need to be chuddy-buddies with all of his friends though. Make conversation with them and genuinely get to know them. You have no idea how much this one’s gonna pay off later!

9. Every time your brain goes into an overdrive of ‘What ifs...’, consciously stop thinking!

‘What if he rejects me? What if he thinks I am dumb? What if he doesn’t like my dress?’ Just stop! Carry yourself with confidence. No one can possibly NOT like a girl who is confident and upbeat.
9 less nervous around your crush

10. Psst! He may be nervous too!

Just relax and go with the flow. He might be sweating as much as you are. In which case you are kinda in the same boat.

11. Remember that you’re awesome!

You are an amazing person for being ‘you’... Quirks and all. Keep your head high, chin up and go for it! 11 less nervous around your crush GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr