lies all wives tell their husbands

Shhh… 13 Sweet Little Lies EVERY Wife Tells Her Hubby!

Manasvi Abhishek Jaitly

Wedding Editor

Haven’t we all had moments where we’ve lied or hidden stuff from our hubby?  No, we’re not talking anything scandalous out here. It’s those sweet little harmless lies that we’re all guilty, orrr not-so-guilty about telling our husbands. And it’s OKAY you know. Here are 13 lies all wives tell their husbands. Shhh… don’t tell any man about this. Pinky promise?

1. ‘I have nothing to wear for the party tomorrow. We really need to go shopping!’

I hate repeating my clothes and the dress I bought last week, well, I somehow don’t like it anymore.

1 lies all wives tell their husbands

2. ‘I have never EVER fantasised about a man apart from you.’

‘Cause Ryan Gosling and Fawad Khan don’t count as humans, right? They are like Greek Gods!

3. ‘Those heels? They were on discount… just 2000 bucks!’

2000 + 1000… men would never understand what a mega saver deal that is!

3 lies all wives tell their husbands

4. ‘I swear I won’t tell my mumma anything.’

Did you really think I won’t do that?

5. ‘I have a bad, bad headache. Can we just skip the sex today?’

I am hairy and stinky and wearing my grandma panties. I cannot have you see me like this.

5 lies all wives tell their husbands

6. ‘I swear I just had 3 drinks, dunno why my head hurts sooo much.’

Three martinis, plus two vodka shots. Obviously I’ll be hungover...duh!

7. ‘I know I look a li’l fat in this dress… should start that diet plan tomorrow.’

Hell I know I look absolutely terrific. I just wanted you to say it! *Wink*

7 lies all wives tell their husbands

8. ‘How can you not remember gifting me this dress?!’

Dear hubby, I bought this online and for some reason I don’t feel like disclosing this to you.

9. ‘Yeah, it was so sweet of your mom to help us set up our new home.’

But she is also soooo annoying. Trust me, you have no idea.

9 lies all wives tell their husbands

10. ‘I’ve run out of all my savings. Just pitch in for the groceries this month, okay?’

I still have around Rs 35,000 saved but why spend that when you’re there!

11. ‘I have no idea why you couldn’t sleep last night.’

It’s because I kicked you and rolled you over and pinched your nose about 5-6 times. Stop snoring… pleaseeeee!

11 lies all wives tell their husbands

12. ‘Yeah, that haircut looks really sexy on you.’

NOT. But I love you so I’m going to lie... if that makes you happy.

13. ‘Are you mad, girls don’t fart!’

Can you just leave the room right now so I can let out the second one!

13 lies all wives tell their husbands

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Published on Mar 10, 2017
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