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Confessions Of A Girl Who Shaves The Hair On Her Boobs

Confessions Of A Girl Who Shaves The Hair On Her Boobs

Blame it on the hormones, but I’ve always battled with having lots of hair on my body. I had it literally EVERYWHERE! On my arms, legs, stomach, back and shockingly, on my boobs too. This made feel very embarrassed and self conscious. Although I could get rid of the hair on my legs and arms, I had no clue about how to get rid of the hair on my chest.
I remember going for a sleepover at my friend’s place. It was an all-girls pyjama party. I was in the room changing into my slip and suddenly, one of the girls pointed out at the patch of hair on my cleavage. I was the joke of the night! Even though they swore that they wouldn’t tell a soul, you know, a good piece of gossip has its way of spreading like wildfire. Till today, I didn’t know who let my secret out, but the whole college got to know! Those awkward stares and giggling made me feel so nervous and embarrassed that I didn’t go to college for a whole week! I made up some excuse that I was sick. My parents bought the lie, but not my professors. They eventually sent a letter home and asked me to see them. My mom freaked out! She thought I was hiding something from her. She confronted me and kept asking me if I was being ragged or had a relationship problem. Disagreeing to all of those statements, I finally mustered the courage to tell her the truth. The moment she found out about my problem, she calmed down and told me to not give into any of it. She kept telling me to accept my body for the way it was and to not feel embarrassed. I took her word for it, but then at the back of my head, the thought of having to deal with this unwanted hair on my cleavage got to me. Internal girl who shaves her chest hair I stopped wearing strappy tops, V-neck T-shirts and tube tops, because I didn’t want to deal with the embarrassment again. Because of the pain, I was too scared to wax and I was too paranoid to even google about laser hair removal treatments. After putting much thought into it, I was left with just one option, the RAZOR! It was quick, smooth and convenient.
Every time, I wanted to wear those pretty clothes, I knew my trusty razor could make that dream of mine a reality. No more was I nervous about my body. I continued using a razor even after I got out of college. I felt like life had given me a second chance. At my workplace and even at my boyfriend’s place, I didn’t receive any judgy looks. Before I became the girl who shaves her chest hair, I used to wax my legs and hands and deal with a nasty red burn after. Today, it’s all changed. The razor has won my heart! Sure, shaving chest hair is a bit time consuming, but it’s also pain-free and an inexpensive hair removal method. I’m sure most girls would have a different point of view with regard to this method of mine, but you know, each to his own at the end of the day! Images: Shutterstock
Published on Apr 1, 2017
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