10 Fashion Items That Might Be Making You Look Shorter!

10 Fashion Items That Might Be Making You Look Shorter!
Did you know that a few outfits actually have the power to knock off a few inches from your height? Here are 10 fashion items that are making you look shorter than you actually are. Read on to know how to avoid these mistakes and style them for your body type!

1. Horizontal stripes

1 fashion items that are making you look shorter Yes, it’s true that horizontal stripes aren’t great if you want to look slimmer. The main reason for this is that horizontal stripes cause an optical illusion making you appear broader and in turn, also shorter. Make it work for you: If you have a horizontal striped dress or skirt, layer it with a solid colour to break the pattern and make it work for your body type.

2. Awkward kurti lengths

This one can actually end up making you look many inches shorter. A too-short kurti will draw all the attention to your thighs - making you look wide, and taking away a few inches from your height. Too long and it can overwhelm your frame, especially if you’re short. Make it work for you: Your kurti length should neither be too short nor too long. The ideal length of your kurti should be exactly where your arms end when you are standing.

3. Skirts with the wrong hemlines

3 fashion items that are making you look shorter The length of your skirt is quintessential in deciding how short or how tall you look. As a general rule, midi skirts make you look shorter than your original height. So if you’re not particularly tall, try to avoid wearing them. Make it work for you: Try high waisted skirts to help you look taller and don’t forget to slip into high heels, if do wish to wear a midi skirt! Go for a darker colour as that will help give you a more defined shape.

4. A big bag

A big bag takes away the focus from your outfit and looks clumsy with simple, everyday looks. If you’re not too tall, then a big bag will draw focus to your short height. Try to go for small bags that are utilitarian and chic and are proportionate to your body.
Make it work for you: If you’ve gotta carry a big one, go for a backpack or a structured bag that can rest on your shoulder and won’t distract the focus from your outfit.

5. The wrong shoes

5 fashion items that are making you look shorter You might not believe this, but pumps make you look shorter! Yes, they might add a few inches to your height but overall, they make you appear shorter. Try to wear footwear that elongates your height, be it when wearing flats or heels. Make it work for you: Instead of pumps, you should try peep-toes, T-shaped footwear - heels and flats both, or even strappy ones that show off your feet are a great idea too. Basically open shoes or shoes that show some skin help you appear taller than closed shoes. Nude or skin coloured shoes are also fantastic for helping you look taller.

6. High-neck tees

They just make your neck appear shorter and can really make you look little. Avoid wearing tops that have high necks and full sleeves as that can just accentuate the problem. Make it work for you: If you still want to wear high necks, just make sure to pull your hair up in a bun or a top knot. You can also wear long, shoulder grazing earrings to help make your neck appear longer.

7. Those unflattering jeans

7 fashion items that are making you look shorter Such a wardrobe essential, but if you’re not wearing the right pair, they can be a disaster for your height! Avoid wearing jeans that have a flared bottom or even those that are faded or have a different colour in the centre. Sure, they might look great on the rack, but they won’t on your thighs! They will make your thighs appear larger than they already are and bell bottom styles can seriously downplay your height. Make it work for you: Opt for straight cuts that end at your ankle to look taller and leaner. If you must wear flared styles, we suggest you pair them with chunky, block heels.

8. Heavy jewellery

Cluttering your look with heavy jewellery will make your frame appear shorter. Try to choose jewellery that’s minimal, clean and fuss-free. Make it work for you: If you have jewellery sets that are heavy, don’t wear all the pieces at once. Try to balance out your look by opting for just the earrings or just the neckpiece!

9. Broad belts

9 fashion items that are making you look shorter We all know that cinching your waist with a belt is the simplest way to look slimmer. But wearing a broad belt to make your loose clothes appear fitted isn’t the best idea. As the belt is broad, the area covered is more, giving you a shorter look!
Make it work for you: We strongly recommend opting for thinner belts. But, if you want to wear a broad belt, pair it with a blazer to prevent the belt from being the focus of your ensemble.

10. The anti-fit dresses

Yes, we know you love wearing loose and unstructured dresses that are easy and breezy, but they might just be making you look a lot shorter than you are! Loose dresses will broaden your frame and give you a bulkier look. Make it work for you: If you like the whole ‘anti-fit’ style, the right thing to do will be to balance it out with different separates! A loose top with fitted jeans, a casual dress with a well fitted blazer or shrug and so on. The key is to mix and match well! Images: Shutterstock