10 Fashion Items He Will *Adore* On You... Under Rs 1,000!

10 Fashion Items He Will *Adore* On You... Under Rs 1,000!
Ladies, don’t underestimate your man’s ability to appreciate fashion. Your guy loves to see you dress up and dress differently. He might hate that you take too long to do so, but he secretly does have his favourites outfits he likes seeing you in! From sweatpants to statement tees, here are 10 fashion items he will love on you!

1. A hot black dress

1 fashion items he will love on you A lil black dress is a must-have in every girl’s closet! Be it that simple skater dress in black or just a sexy cocktail dress, get one according to what will flatter your body best. A black dress is a versatile garment to own because it can be styled in a endless ways, quite literally! It’s basic and he knows there’s no way you won’t look hot in it. Besides a lady in black is a lady every guy can’t help but notice! *Wink* POPxo Recommends: Black Midi Dress (Rs 899)

2. A pair of high waisted jeans!

2 fashion items he will love on you A lot of you might not think that this is a must-have but it’s actually something that looks super flattering, and is easy to style as well. High waisted jeans makes your overall body look hot and gives your booty that much needed sexy lift, which isn’t so surprising then, why guys love it! A tucked in shirt with basic blue high waist jeans will have him swooning! It’s effortless yet so hot! POPxo Recommends: High Waisted Blue Jeans (Rs 799)

3. Comfortable yet sexy heels

3 fashion items he will love on you Even if you’re a girl who likes to wear flats, some amount of heels is something every guy likes seeing you wear! Nope, we don’t mean those sky-high heels that will have you wobbling all over the place! Invest in a pair of good, comfortable heels that will give you an added boost of confidence, resulting in an extra shot of sexiness. Trust us, guys dig it when women strut around confidently in heels. Confidence is what they love best in a woman, plus heels help your legs and butt look better too! *Wink*
POPxo Recommends: Grey Block Heels (Rs 999)

4. A power blazer

4 fashion items he will love on you Blazers are no longer just reserved for formal events or worn as a part of formals. Blazers really work well when you want to give layering a shot and can actually give your outfit a mini makeover. Men love seeing their women wear a blazer because it’s the right combination of power and elegance! Add a summery blazer to your spaghetti tops and all your girly dresses to instantly give them a cool makeover! POPxo Recommends: Pink Floral blazer (Rs 799)

5. Statement sunglasses

5 fashion items he will love on you A pair of great sunnies can give your regular outfit a fancy makeover in no time. Especially when you want to add some ‘swag’ to your outfit, a pair of sunglasses are all you need! There’s something really hot about a girl in statement sunnies, plus they help give you that sexy air of mystery.   POPxo Recommends: Blue Aviator Sunglasses (Rs 999)

6. A feminine top

6 fashion items he will love on you A romantic, girly top is something he’ll swoon over for sure. A flirty top that flaunts your shoulders and collarbones is so subtly sexy, of course men will sit up and take notice! Wear a top in a basic, solid colour with a pair of jeans and some dainty jewellery to grab his attention without trying too hard. POPxo Recommends: Pink Off Shoulder Top (Rs 615)

7. Some sexy athleisure

7 fashion items he will love on you Even if you’re not going to workout, wear a sports bra and pull off a sporty chic look by pairing it with an oversized denim jacket, baggy pants and sneakers. So sassy, yo! From butt-enhancing yoga pants to sexy sports bras, we think athleisure may just be the trend that all guys absolutely love on girls.
POPxo Recommends: Blue Mesh Sports Bra (Rs 719)

8. A great lipstick

8 fashion items he will love on you Because one swipe of a good lipstick can heighten your look immediately. You don’t need anything better than a bold lip colour to convert your everyday ‘office’ look into a party ready one. Plus, we all know that red lips are the epitome of glamour and sexiness. It’s the easiest way to grab his attention. A lipstick gives your face some definition, brings the focus to your lips and it’s something he won’t be able to resist! Just make sure you seal the deal with a kiss! POPxo Recommends: Maybelline Super Stay Red Lipstick (Rs 575)

9. A statement tee

9 fashion items he will love on you Statement tees show him that you have a sense of humour, a girl flaunting her attitude can appeal to men and it also shows him you’re confident, which we already know, guys love. Wear a casual yet striking band tee or a graphic t-shirt with a slogan that is SO you. Style it with a belt or just wear it as a dress! He likes seeing the badass in you, so why not show him! POPxo Recommends: Blue Slogan T-shirt (Rs 899)

10. Sweatpants yeah!

10 fashion items he will love on you Not the baggy ones that you wear for aerobics, but the ones that are cut straight, are sleek, well tailored and can be worn with a body hugging top for a cool, sporty vibe. It tells your guy that you’re confident enough to walk out of the house in sweats, but you give it your own sexy, sultry twist!
POPxo Recommends: Grey Sweatpants (Rs 478) So girls, are you ready to steal his heart? Featured Image: Shutterstock