Panty Lines To Camel Toe: Fixes To ALL Your Fashion Problems!

Panty Lines To Camel Toe: Fixes To ALL Your Fashion Problems!
Like getting dressed up wasn’t hard enough already, we have to deal with common fashion disasters too! From camel toes to muffin tops, these disasters have many names. But guess what? These problems can be fixed! Here are 10 such common and embarrassing fashion problems we’ve all faced… And their fixes!

1. The Curious Case Of The Camel Toe

1 embarrassing fashion problems Pretty sure we’ve all seen someone flaunt a camel toe at least once. Panties that don’t provide enough coverage or leggings that are pulled up too high can result in this nightmare. Choosing the right underwear under fitted clothes can be a bit tricky. Which is why women get this one wrong quite often.
The Fix: If you’re wearing something body hugging (like leggings), go for a seamless underwear to avoid this problem. Don’t forget to choose an underwear that gives enough coverage.

2. Love Handles = Muffin Top

Commonly known as ‘love handles’, muffin top is the unwanted bulge at the top of low waist trousers. Women, whose tummy is a problem area, are only too familiar with this annoying phenomenon. The main cause of a muffin top are pants that do absolutely no justice to your body type! The Fix: You must try pants before you buy them. Go for mid rise pants that draw attention away from belly fat. As for underwears, go for a panty that is exactly your size. Sizes vary from brand to brand and if getting your size means going up by a size, so be it!

3. The Painfully Embarrassing Wedgie

3 embarrassing fashion problems That embarrassing moment when you stand up only to realize that your pants have found their way and settled in between your butt cheeks. Yep, that’s called a wedgie. Wearing ill-fitting panties is the main reason for this catastrophe. The Fix: Choose underwears that are not only your size but also stay in their place while providing support. Whether seamless or not, you need to go for underwears in a thicker fabric that won’t keep shifting.  

4. Visible Panty Lines!

Whether you’re wearing a well fitted dress or skinny jeans, panrty lines can be such a big problem! Visible panty lines happen to the best of us. Panties that have an elastic hem are definitely the worst when it comes to creating these disasters! They also create an awkward bulge on your rear that really didn’t exist till you wore this underwear. The Fix: Go seamless, ladies! Seamless underwears in a smooth, stretchable fabric are perfect for you. Depending on what you’re wearing it under, you can choose from a full coverage panty or a bikini style. Bid those VPL’s goodbye!

5. White Bra Under White Tops?

5 embarrassing fashion problems White tops or tops with a slightly see through fabric need to be given extra attention. The most common mistake we’re pretty sure all of us are guilty of making, is wearing white lingerie under white tops. Sorry ladies, white under white doesn’t get camouflaged like we hope it would, but in fact, can be super visible under a white top. The Fix: You must always wear nude (skin colour) and only nude lingerie under any white top! White will only shine awkwardly through your clothes!

6. Bra Peeking Out From In Between Shirt Buttons

Most of us have experienced this one! It is possible for your bra to show through the gaps in the buttons of your shirt when you sit. Even if you’re wearing a shirt that fits you really well and is exactly your size. This mostly happens when the gaps between the buttons are too large.   The Fix: You can either go for double sided tape to keep the space between the buttons in their place or just get a hook stitched in these gaps.

7. Sweat Patches  

7 embarrassing fashion problems Sweat patches are our worst enemy during long summer days. Especially when you wear a tight or light-coloured top, sweat patches are the first thing that catch anyone’s eye! We can’t really control the extreme temperatures, but we can take certain measures to prevent ourselves from falling prey to this embarrassing problem.     The Fix: Wear natural, breathable fabrics and take regular showers to steer clear of sweat stains. Keeping your underarms groomed at all times will also keep you from sweating too much. If you tend to sweat a lot, you can give underarm sweat pads a shot too!    

8. Accidentally Flashing Your Butt Through Low Waist Jeans

Been there, done that. No? Wearing low waist jeans may be cool but that doesn’t mean you give a free show to whoever is behind you, right? The Fix: If you don’t want to wear high-waist styles then wear a slightly long top or a tucked in top with these jeans. So when you bend down, you don’t flash your butt to the person right behind you. Wearing a belt to hold your pants in place is also a wise decision.

9. Visible Panty Bra Lines

9 embarrassing fashion problems Yes, that’s a real thing. You must’ve noticed how bra outlines are often visible when you wear something body hugging. They’re caused by wearing bras that are heavily embellished or too lacy under relatively light weight fabrics.   The Fix: Going seamless is the only way to fix this issue! Wear a bra like this one to avoid visible bra lines.

10. When The Wind Blows Your Skirt!

Having a Marilyn Monroe moment on a crowded Indian street really isn’t an ideal situation to be in. You definitely can’t control the nasty wind or stop wearing skater skirts and dresses at all. But there is something you can do!   The Fix: Wearing cycling shorts is only way to get this situation under control. Not just that, wear skin coloured cycling shorts so it doesn’t look too odd when the skirt gets blown! Images: Shutterstock