10 *Beautiful* Kajal Styles To Try - Just Like Your FAV Celebs!

10 *Beautiful* Kajal Styles To Try - Just Like Your FAV Celebs!
Some girls apply makeup on a daily basis and some don’t, but there’s one thing that almost all girls do, no matter what - and that is, apply kajal. We girls rarely step out of the house without that sleek black line on our waterline. If you’re a girl who just can’t step out without applying kajal, then here are 10 different ways to wear kajal, just like celebrities. Sport a new look every day and shine like a celeb!

1. For a younger look

1 ways to wear kajal - bipasha basu Image: Hiral Bhatia on Instagram If you’re going for any formal event, just apply the kajal only on your upper lash line, leaving the lower lash line bare. Just outline the shape of your eye till the outer edge with a kajal and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to apply mascara to make your eyes look big and gorgeous.

2. The basic kohl

2 ways to wear kajal - Kareena Kapoor All of us love the good ol’ basic kajal look. It’s subtle, yet out there, and is perfect for every occasion. For Kareena’s look here, you just have to apply a black kajal on both your upper and lower lash lines and voila, you’re ready for the day. You can make is as dark and bold as you like - you’ll look gorgeous anyway!

3. Partly outlined

3 ways to wear kajal - freida pinto Image: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram Learn from Freida to shine like a true star by only applying kajal to the outer edge of your eyes. To achieve this look, start applying your kajal from the middle of your eyes and create a slight wing. Do the same on your bottom lash line and we bet you’ll stand out in the crowd!

4. Gold baby, gold!

4 ways to wear kajal - sonam kapoor Image: Namrata Soni on Instagram If you’re attending a wedding or an evening party, add some gold to your eyes like Sonam, here. She's extended her kajal at the bottom lash line to contrast with the gold flick on top. Gold will make your eyes pop and will add that hint of shine you want to make heads turn.

5. Two in one

5 ways to wear kajal - sonakshi sinha Image: Nileysh Parmaar on Instagram Take your eye look up a notch at the next party you attend and dazzle like a queen, just like Sonakshi. Apply your black kajal and make it extra thick at the outer edges of your eyes. Take a blue coloured eyeshadow and outline the kajal on your upper lash line. Don’t forget to apply the blue eyeshadow to your lower lash line as well.

6. Highlighted lower lashline

6 ways to wear kajal - Alia Bhatt Image: Alia Bhatt on Instagram Take inspiration from Alia to rock your subtle makeup by making the kajal on the lower lash line thicker than the upper lash line. This look will define your eyes and is perfect for the days you want to do up your eyes quickly.

7. Bold and beautiful

7 ways to wear kajal - Deepika Padukone Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram Learn from Deepika on how to completely slay the eye game. Dazzle on any occasion with this gorgeous bold eye makeup. To achieve this look, apply a thick line of kajal on both your upper and lower lash line. Don’t forget to apply a black eyeshadow along with it and lots of mascara to complete this dramatic look.

8. Perfect wings

8 ways to wear kajal - Parineeti Chopra Image: Parineeti Chopra on Instagram Look like a dream by going for a sleek winged eyeliner look with your kajal. Making a winged style with the help of kohl will make your eyes pop and your cat-eye flick will have a high colour impact, too. Soften out this look by dabbing on some black eyeshadow along the wing.

9. The sexy smudge

9 ways to wear kajal - yami gautam Image: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram For a sexy and sultry look, smudge the kajal on your lower lash line. Also, apply a thick line on your upper lash line and you’re good to go! You can sport this look anywhere - it’s perfect for work, parties and wedding functions, too.

10. Add some colour

10 ways to wear kajal - shraddha kapoor Image: Shraddha Kapoor on Instagram Add a dash of colour to your eye makeup look, by applying a coloured kajal instead of your usual black. Ditch the black kajal just like Shraddha here, and make your eyes pop with the help of a green coloured kajal. Make sure to keep the rest of your makeup subtle and don’t go overboard.