10 Cute, Goofy, Adorable Ways Guys Show You Their Love!! | POPxo
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10 Cute, Goofy, Adorable Ways Guys Show You Their Love!!

10 Cute, Goofy, Adorable Ways Guys Show You Their Love!!

He might not be exactly the romantic soul you’d hoped for… Some days not even close. He might not be able to do it like they do in the movies with the extravagant gestures and heart melting dialogues but he sure does love you in his own little ways. Here are 10 strange yet cute ways your boyfriend shows he loves you!

1. When he lets you have the last bite

Food is important to all of us. And the last bite is the one we usually savour the most. So if he lets you have the last bite of his pizza or cupcake then you have found yourself a keeper, missy!

2. Getting excited about your plans together

Is he messaging you about all the wonderful places you can go for your next date? Or the next amazing movie you two should definitely watch together? If he is actively involved in all your date related decision making then he sure loves you more than you think he does! 2 cute ways your boyfriend shows he loves you

3. When he keeps track of all the drama in your life

He might not even be into it but he will try his best to remember who said what to whom and whose feelings got hurt because of it. He likes being involved and wants to keep up with all the gossip and drama in your life! Secretly, he even starts liking it!

4. When he kisses you out of the blue

Sometimes, he just looks at you adorably babbling about something and plants his lips on your nose or your cheeks because he just cannot fathom how beautiful you are in all your simplicity. If that’s not love then we don’t know what is! 4 cute ways your boyfriend shows he loves you

5. When he gives up his match for your show

If he really says it’s okay to watch ‘Sex And The City’ instead of his favourite team’s match, then you definitely know he is head over heels in love with you. There is no denying this fact!

6. Tagging you in photos and memes

Love isn’t just the mushy stuff, it’s also about seeing that internet meme about doomsday and thinking about your beloved because you both are always going through an existential crisis together! 6 cute ways your boyfriend shows he loves you

7. Sharing his favourite songs with you

He cares about what you think about his taste in music and otherwise. So there will be days when he will bombard you with songs that he loves because he wants to know how you feel about them!

8. Calling you for random reasons

He doesn’t just call you at the end of the day or in the morning but also when he sees a squirrel whose nose totally reminded him of you! Now, isn’t that cute? 8 cute ways your boyfriend shows he loves you

9. Giving you his social media password without even asking

It’s not cute if you have to force it out of him. But when he just doesn’t care if you see his profile and his messages and trusts you to respect his personal virtual space, that’s when you know he wants you in his life forever!

10. Getting just a little jealous when you make weekend plans with other people

He doesn’t always say it out loud but when you make that girls lunch plan and he knows he can’t see you for the next couple of days, a tinge of jealousy is bound to crop up. However, he knows you need your girly time too and gets over it quick! 10 cute ways your boyfriend shows he loves you GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Mar 2, 2017
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