11 Super Cute Ways To Make Him Blush... Just Because You Can!

11 Super Cute Ways To Make Him Blush... Just Because You Can!
As his lady love, there are some simple gestures through which you can make your man blush like never before. Why not use the powers you have at your disposal, then? Here are a few super adorable (and a few naughty) ways to make your guy blush...

1. Drop him a naughty text like ‘Just bought a sexy dress, can’t wait for you to take it off me…’  

Especially when you know that he is in a team meeting at work! He won’t be able to stop himself from grinning widely in front of his colleagues. *Evil Laugh *

2. Sneakily slide your hand up his leg under the table, just high up enough to tease him.

Ideally, this move works wonders when you’re at dinner with his family or friends. Super turned on by your move, he will feel an instant attraction towards you. But because he can't act on it, he'll have to resort to blushing like a tomato!
2 make your guy blush

3. Be brutally honest.

Tell him his flaws and then look him in the eyes and tell him that you love him with all his flaws. This might leave him feeling vulnerable and loved at the same time, but your brutal honesty will also make him feel flushed and very lucky to have you.

4. Take control and make the first move!

Spank his cute bum while heading up the stairs, steal a kiss in public or get dressed in his favourite role play outfit and take charge. Basically, catch him off guard and leave him flushed like never before! 4 make your guy blush

5. Whisper ‘I love you’ out of blue, in the middle of a casual conversation while looking straight into his eyes.

These three words can make any guy feel a bit shy, especially when he least expects to hear them.

6. Make eye contact with him every time he steals a glance

And then up your game by pulling that high-slit dress or yours a bit higher or bending to flaunt some cleavage just to him… Trust us, this sexy avatar will make his cheeks pink and he just won’t be able to keep his eyes off of you. 6 make your guy blush

7. While hanging out with his friends, just blurt out how your man is so hot that you find it difficult to keep your hands off of him.

Hearing such an outright compliment about his abilities (you know what we mean) in front of his man-squad is sure to make his cheeks turn pink from all the blushing.

8. Show off your eccentric side to him!

Grab him by the waist and guide him to the dance floor when your favourite song plays or be the one to make a ‘Netflix and chill’ plan before he even suggests it. Not only will this send his pulse racing, he will reward you dearly (with a blush!) on seeing this super fun and adventurous side of you! 8 make your guy blush

9. Compliment him like never before

Let your man know what a stallion he is in bed and how you love his physique and his sense of humour. Oh my my, hearing you speak so highly of him is going to make him blush and also feel super pleased with himself!

10. Leave a post-it with a kiss mark on his mirror.

Seeing this cute note while brushing his teeth is most definitely going to make him grin widely right in the morning. 10 make your guy blush

11. Give him a shout out on social media.

Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, just tag him in some cute posts or post a lovely message for him for the world to see. Such public display of affection is going to make him feel really special and cutely embarrassed. GIFs: Giphy