10 Cute Little Things All Happy Couples Do Right *After* Sex!

10 Cute Little Things All Happy Couples Do Right *After* Sex!
Sex is an important part of every happy couple’s life. Though they care about the things they do during sex, there are two other things they focus on - foreplay and afterplay. Since we’ve written much about foreplay, today we tell you sweet things couples do after sex to keep the warm fuzzy feeling alive!

1. Cuddle up!

1 things couples do after sex Of course cuddling is important, unless stated otherwise by both of you. Cuddling is the comfort you get when you get into your blanket after a long workout session, the comfort you deserve! All happy couples make sure they cuddle, at least for a bit, and do it well!

2. Lie in bed completely naked...

There is something so raw about exposing your body in front of another person. Trusting them enough to see you and feel you as you really are. Happy couples make sure they get enough of that rawness, and not just during sex!

3. Hold hands

Even if you’re not the kind to glue your bodies to each other for too long, you can hold hands or link your fingers together for a similar feeling of intimacy. Because who says intimacy should mean anything sexual at all?

3 things couples do after sex

4. Tease and tickle

Fooling around is important. If you can’t laugh together then there is something seriously wrong! Tease each other, tickle or do anything that makes both of you happy!

5. Eat together

Is it just us or does sex make you really, really hungry? Maybe it’s all the calories we burn or the fact that we usually avoid eating heavy food right before sex, but we really get the munchies after it. Happy couples know that this hunger is something that definitely needs to be addressed… That's why they keep snacks around to munch on after sex!

5 things couples do after sex

6. Talk about random things

From why human beings exist to what goes on in the minds of dogs and cats; after sex conversations are meant to be about anything and everything. And they’re important too (unless you are too exhausted, in which case, sleeping off is your best option), because they show how compatible you two are, sex kept aside.

7. Take a shower without sex

Sometimes, all you wanna do is take a shower after sex and clean up but you can’t because that would just seem rude to your partner. That’s something that all the happy couples have figured out - they just invite their partner for a completely non-sexual shower. It’s a win-win situation!

7 things couples do after sex

8. Look into each other’s eyes

Because eye contact at that moment makes you realize exactly how blessed you really are to have this amazing human being in your life!

9. Soft kissing

Now that the passionate love-making is over, it’s time for the soft fleeting kisses - on the forehead, on the hand, on the chest, the nose - wherever you can find a place to plant your lips!

9 things couples do after sex

10. Go for round two!

And then there are those days when you need a little bit more lovin’! Happy couples know there is no point in hiding or denying the fact because sex after sex is...only for the best! *Wink* GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy