11 ‘Should I Kiss Him Or Kill Him’ Moments EVERY Girlfriend Has!

11 ‘Should I Kiss Him Or Kill Him’ Moments EVERY Girlfriend Has!
There are some things your boyfriend does that are extremely adorable but can be painfully annoying at the same time. There are days when you want to give him a piece of your mind, but seeing his cute face, you prefer to let bygones be bygones. Here are 11 crazy yet cute things boyfriends do.

1. When he cooks you a romantic meal but makes the kitchen look like it has been hit by a storm!

He scores brownie points for effort, though. *Wink* 1 cute things boyfriends do

2. When he sends you a text with a million smiley and kiss emoticons and you have to endlessly scroll to reach the end of his message.

When people ask you what love is, be sure to show them his looong text messages!

3. When he prefers to help you shop online, but dreads going to the mall with you.

Because he think he doesn’t need to physically see the dress to tell you whether it works, he knows you will look amazing in whatever you wear… Ugh! 3 cute things boyfriends do

4. When he suddenly showers you with kisses and you later find out that all he wanted was the TV remote.

You see what he did there, didn’t you? Smart studmuffin you have there!

5. When he takes up most of the space in bed, but still makes room to cuddle with you.

Oh, well! You have to admit, he makes the best and the comfiest human bed. 5 cute things boyfriends do

6. When he asks you for your phone and randomly changes your profile picture to the one that has him in it.

Just another way of telling the world how much he loves you... And that you're off the market!

7. When he tries to paint your nails but smudges it all over your finger instead.

But instead of spitting fire, you can’t help but giggle at his goofiness. 7 cute things boyfriends do

8. When he coincidentally calls you up when you’re trying to call him and you both get the busy tone.

Arghhh! It's annoying but, at the same time, makes you believe in fate.

9. When you’re mad that he’s running late… But when he turns up, he looks so darn cute that all your anger just melts away.

That pretty smile, those twinkling eyes, that angel-like voice - mind-blown! 9 cute things boyfriends do

10. When he offers to give you a bear hug but crushes you at the same time.

And you have to remind him you aren't a teddy bear. #Facepalm

11. When he insists on opening the car door for you even when you're running late...

Sure you don't need him to be chivalrous all the time but a little pampering doesn’t hurt anyone. Right, girls?! 11 cute things boyfriends do Images: Tumblr