Sunday Shorts: 3 *Frisky* Tales Of Hooking Up In The Rain!

Sunday Shorts: 3 *Frisky* Tales Of Hooking Up In The Rain!

1. In Love With Rain

‘Come on! Don't be such a spoilsport’, he said. I snuggled deeper into my bed, ‘You know I hate the rain and it's a Sunday, let me laze!’ ‘You won't hate the rain after today... I promise’, he said, while giving me a sly wink. We stepped out into the balcony. As the first drops wet my shirt I was ready to scramble back under the covers. But he held me by my waist, pinned me against the wall and started kissing me. Suddenly, everything else was a blur. All I could feel was, his lips on mine and his hands wandering around my body.
He kept his promise… I fell in love with the rain. 1 getting naughty in the rain

2. The Rainy Vacation

I screamed and giggled at the same time, as we gathered our clothes and tried to make our way to the umbrella - the rain drops getting faster and harder every second. The beach sand under our feet started getting soggy as we ran. While scrambling, we kept looking at each other and breaking into a fit of laughter. ‘You’ve got all my clothes!’ he said, holding me by my hand and pulling me closer. ‘You look better without them, anyway!’ I smiled and planted a kiss on his lips. Taken by surprise but loving it anyway, he kissed me back, first slowly and then with the kind of passion that made me drop all our stuff! We still smile when we think of that moment, the first kiss of our first vacation and getting naughty in the rain! 2 getting naughty in the rain

3. Seduction On The Rocks

Hand in hand the two of us walked on the rocky path in bandstand, Bandra. We were both hoping to get a view of the gorgeous sunset, complemented by the waves. Instead, we heard loud thunder! Since we were already too far ahead to head back, he opened his umbrella and suggested we use it for shelter. From light drizzling to heavy rain, the only warmth I could find was in his arms. Chilly wind, the waves crashing onto the rocky shore and his fingers firmly intertwined with mine - the chaos was blissful. Before I could look into his eyes, he pressed his soft lips on mine. He pulled me closer and his hands were wrapped around my waist. The chilly rains, the romantic vibe and having him by my side - the time just stood still… We didn’t care if people were looking, we had each other and that’s all that mattered.
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