Groupfie, Woke, Legit : 15 Words You *Need* To Survive College!

Groupfie, Woke, Legit : 15 Words You *Need* To Survive College!
Although the Oxford dictionary may not approve, but slangs do make our lives fun and interesting, don’t they? And not just that, if you do not know these words you may end up having some major FOMO! So, ladies, here we are to give you all the latest news on the cool words you need to know to get through your college life like a too-cool-for-school lady!

1. Groupfie

When you and your group of friends are trying to put all 37 of you into a single frame of your front camera… That, my friends, is a groupfie. Groupfie is basically a selfie with a group of people and is the new cool thing in town!
Use: ‘Come on guys, let's take a groupfie!’ 1 cool words you need to know

2. Legit

Legit is actually a fragment of the word legitimate. It is used to describe something that’s real and cool. Use: When you buy a new Calvin Klein watch and show it to your girlfriends… One of them is bound to go, ‘OMG, your watch is legit!’

3. Lit

Since the amount of awesomeness was simply too much, another word was needed to describe it. Lit is basically used to describe anything that was hip, peppy, upbeat and fun. Use: ‘Were you there at the party last night? It was lit, bro!’ 3 cool words you need to know1

4. Woke

Nope! We don’t mean the past tense of wake (although, that’s right too). Woke is used to describe someone who is well-informed and intellectual. Use: ‘She is so woke. She knows everything about demonetization… Like, everything!’

5. Totes

Because totally was too long a word to say… JK! Not. Totes is actually just short for totally. It is used when you want to add some extra swag to your conversation. Use: ‘Shopping spree tomorrow? Totes babes! I'll be there!’
5 cool words you need to know1

6. Amazeballs

Amazeballs is an exaggerated form of amazing. It became popular via one of the videos of the Youtube comedy duo, Jessica and Hunter and was later popularized by Perez Hilton! Cool, haan? Use: ‘Wow! That video was so amazeballs!’

7. Dweet

Drunk + Tweet = Dweet. You really don’t wanna do this! Use: ‘I am drunk AF! Take my phone away or I’ll dweet something silly.’ 7 cool words you need to know1

8. Hangry

Everyone experiences this! Hangry is basically when you are so damn hungry that it makes you angry and frustrated. The cure? Some delish food! Use: ‘Let’s grab a bite before we head home, this one right here is in her hangry mode!’

9. Pwned

Pwned is the word you use when you beat someone at something or prove yourself right and your opponent wrong. Use: ‘Hah! See, I told you this was true! You just got pwned!’ 9 cool words you need to know1

10. Rendezbooze

Rendevouz with booze is basically what rendezbooze is. When you plan to meet up with a few of your friends over drinks that means you are having a rendezbooze. Use: ‘Hey, it’s been so long. Let’s rendezbooze soon.’

11. Fleek

Fleek is the tad swag-y counterpart of on-point or perfect! Use: ‘Damn! Your makeup is so on fleek today.’ 11 cool words you need to know1

12. Humblebrag

This one’s mostly found in conversations, in the form of a hashtag. Humblebrag is when you want to let people know how absolutely ah-mazing you are but do not want to sound like a conceited monkey. Use: ‘I fixed that bug in less than 10 minutes. #Humblebrag’

13. Ship

No, we are not talking about the brethren of Titanic. Ship is the slang word for romantic relationships. It may also be used to endorse or support the romantic relationship between two people. Use: ‘I can see a ship developing between the two of them’ or ‘I totally ship those two! They are so cute!’ 13 cool words you need to know1

14. Dutch

Not Dutch people. When a group of people contribute money to host a party or buy a gift for someone, that’s called going dutch. Use: ‘Hey, let’s have a party! And just so no one feels the heat, let’s go dutch on this one.’

15. Mojo

Did this remind you of Mojo Jojo from Powerpuff Girls? But that’s not who we are referring to. Mojo is used to describe someone’s charm, sex appeal, talent and the like.
Use: ‘Darn it! This is just not happening! I think I lost my mojo.’ 15 cool words you need to know1 GIFs: Giphy