10 Confusing Things That Boyfriends Say… Just WHY?!

10 Confusing Things That Boyfriends Say… Just WHY?!
Contrary to the popular belief guys aren’t as simple as they claim to be. Yes, ladies… We know you are nodding your heads knowingly. Sometimes boyfriends say stuff that confuses the bejesus out of you, don’t they? Let us know if you agree with us on these confusing things boyfriends say!

1. ‘Of course, I am here for you baby.’

*Doesn’t reply for the entire night* ‘Sorry, I slept!’ 1 confusing things boyfriends say

2. ‘Why can’t you just tell me when you are mad at me?’

And then when you do that, he says, ‘Why do you have to make an issue out of everything?’

3. ‘Oh God, ye kitna pakata hai!’

*Goes and spends the entire Sunday evening watching soccer with the same guy* 3 confusing things boyfriends say

4. ‘Let’s do whatever you want tonight… How about going for that action movie?’

And that just makes you go, ‘Erm… Didn’t you just say we could do what I wanted?’

5. ‘You look good but have you gained a little bit of weight?’

You don’t know whether to say thank you or smack him a little. 5 confusing things boyfriends say

6. ‘You know that I hate to gossip but what happened with your friend's boyfriend?’

Oxymoron right there, ladies!

7. ‘Why do you girls do so much drama over a daily soap?’

*Sits and cries in the corner when a GoT character dies* 7 confusing things boyfriends say

8. ‘You look different.’

Good different? Bad different? Like, WHAT?

9.  ‘I love you, babe. But I just don't think we're in the place to discuss our future, you know?’

Uh… But you just said you loved me?! Did you even hear yourself say that?! 9 confusing things boyfriends say

10. ‘Hmm.’

Hmm, okay? Hmm, not okay? Hmm, I am going to Narnia? What do you even mean?!

11. ‘You're so independent. I love it! But wait for me inside the building to pick you up, okay?’

Sorry, what was the first part of your sentence, again? 11 confusing things boyfriends say

12. ‘It's not that I'm a phone person, you know... But why don't you call me more often?’

Erm… Because you’re not a phone person? Am I missing something here?

13. ‘She's just a friend. I don't even really like her, she's a bit weird. We only talk on FB chat!’

Ohkay, then! Where do you talk to people you actually like? 13 confusing things boyfriends say GIFs: Giphy