13 ‘Code Words’ You Need To Know To Survive The World Today!

13 ‘Code Words’ You Need To Know To Survive The World Today!
Technology has a strange way of spreading trends. When it comes to slangs, you don’t want to be left behind in any way or you’ll end up with a FOMO. Don’t know what that means? Well, it’s time to decode the new age slangs and be the cool bee of the group. Here are a few code words you need to know while sending those WhatsApp messages!

1. FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out

You know that feeling, when your entire crew of friends is enjoying in Goa and sending you selfies but you’re stuck at home with the flu? Yes, that’s FOMO.

1 Code words you need to know

2. TMI - Too Much Information

When your best friend begins to give out too many details about her sex life, that’s TMI - basically the information you could have easily done without!

3. FTW - For The Win

And you thought it was F*ck The World?

4. LMK - Let Me Know

Well, we did let you know!

5. NBF - New Best Friend

Statutory warning - Never use this in front of your childhood bestie!

5 code words you need to know

6. SULA - Sweaty Upper Lip Alert

When you suddenly spot your crush and become all nervous and embarrassed, that’s precisely when you have to deal with SULA.

7. USB - Ultra Small Boobs

Padded? Double padded! - struggles of having USB!

8.  DTF - Down To F*ck

Because ‘Netflix and chill’ is so 2016!

9.  Fling Cleaning

Did you know there was a term for wanting to clean a room just in case your date comes over and you get, umm, lucky? Well, now you do!

9 code words you need to know

10. Fuckit List

Yes, it’s a list of people who you want to sleep with before you die.

11. Flirtationship

When you want to just flirt with a friend, and nothing else.

12. Tall Grey

A person who is being weird. Like when your BFF is acting all awkward in front of your office peeps you say - ‘Just stop being a tall grey and just have fun!’

13. Condomplate

To contemplate the use of a condom during sex. We say, NEVER condomplate! 13 code words you need to know GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr