10 Little Ways EVERY Girl Wants The World To Change!!

10 Little Ways EVERY Girl Wants The World To Change!!
Everyday is a hustle for the 21st-century girl. What to wear, where to work, whom to love and whom to ignore for dear life. If we had it our way, we would sure change several things about the way the world works (and hopefully, make it work more in our favour). Here are 10 secret makeovers every girl wants for the world!

1. Less Nosy Aunties, Please!

No aunty, the length of my skirt isn’t a topic of discussion. Neither is the boy that dropped me home last weekend or how I have suddenly put on weight or that I am now of ‘marriageable age’. Changes girls want to make to the world 1

2. Just Let Us Be

We girls aspire to wake up in a world, where we can just blend in - with our golden lipsticks and our blue hair, our tattooed back exposed in a bright pink dress. There is no one way to be feminine but we sure know how to be ourselves. And let nothing change that!  

3. A More Fashionable World

Where fashion is an extension of our personalities and we are at liberty to wear whatever we feel like. What’s more fashionable than making a statement through what we wear and living life on our terms? Speaking of a stylish world, one of our fav fashion brands, Reliance Trends, has recently gotten a complete makeover!
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4. Safe Public Spaces

A journey on public transport is not complete for us unless we are elbowed, ever so slightly by the man standing next to us. We can’t even walk down a road, even in broad daylight, without being indiscreetly scanned by men who can very well be our father’s age. Can this change, please?

5. No More Stereotypes!

We want a world where we are not reduced to a certain label. Yes, a girl can speak loudly and drive like a dream. It is okay for her to not know how to drape a saree or cook, and still survive. Because guess what, she is an adult and she has better things to worry about. Changes girls want to make to the world 5

6.  Roll On With The Jokes

The popular perception on the block is - women can’t be funny. Or if you are, you are the renegade joker whose sole purpose is only to entertain people. But a girl can be many things at once. And to someone who says you can’t rock a little black dress and also be the most hilarious person in the room - keep some zingers ready to annihilate him to his bones!  

7. No Body Shaming

‘You are not fat, you are healthy.’ ‘You are so skinny, don’t you ever eat?’ Every girl wants the whole planet to be slightly less obsessed with the specifics of her body. What we are and who we are doesn’t begin or end with our bodies. We struggle every day to be happy and comfortable in our skin, so we could very well do with fewer people worrying about how we are overeating, or not eating at all. Changes girls want to make to the world 7

8. A Lack of Discretion

What is with male pharmacists wrapping sanitary napkins in several layers of newspapers and black plastic covers? As if they are some kind of contraband birthday gift which can’t be exposed to the public eye. Let it be known that we, women, bleed every month. Period.  

9. More Work, Less Talk

So much of our everyday vocabulary is passive-aggressive towards women. If she is unafraid of her sexuality, she has questionable morals. If she is saving herself for marriage, she is a prude. If she is an assertive leader at work, she is being too bossy or difficult. Place a man in similar circumstances, and what you get is a strong, sorted individual who is also very popular with women. Every girl wants this underlying hypocrisy to change, and fast. Changes girls want to make to the world 9

10. Boys Who Care

Nowadays it is fashionable to keep feelings at bay and appear disinterested at all times. You know what we girls want? Boys who have their hearts on their sleeves, are not wary of their own emotions and committing to someone they really like. Extra points for kind and empathic boys who are sensitive towards others’ feelings and the environment.
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