10 Little *Wedding Night* Tips For The Virgin Bride!

10 Little *Wedding Night* Tips For The Virgin Bride!
To all the brides who are saving themselves for their wedding night, we’re sure there’s all the more anxiety around the ever-so-special suhaag raat! Here are a few tips for your wedding night to keep in mind if you are waiting to have sex for the first time ever.

1. Relax!

The first time, in all probability, will feel weird, awkward and uncomfortable. It happens to the best of us, ladies. So, instead of freaking out and making it more awkward for yourself, you need to relax and enjoy the first time. Make the most of it! 1 brides who are saving themselves

2. You might not have sex on the first night

You might be waiting to go all the way on your wedding night but it isn’t important for a couple to consummate their marriage on the first night. Chances are that you both will be very tired after all the rituals and ceremonies, and might just end up cuddling and calling it a night.

3. It will get better with time

The first time might not be great. But, the next time will be better and the one after that might get even better. Don’t form an opinion about it, and let time make it better and more enjoyable for you both. 3 brides who are saving themselves

4. Keep protection in mind

Keep in mind that it is important for you to visit a gynaecologist and discuss which method of birth control you would want to use. Also, discuss it with your fiancé too as that will help you both open up with each other.

5. The wetter, the better

Lubrication is important. It could be that you both are a tad nervous around the first time and that is when a good lubricant will come in handy. Opt for lubricants for the first few times to make the act easier and less painful. 5 brides who are saving themselves

6. You may not orgasm during sex

Since it will be the first time, don’t pressurise yourself and wonder why you didn’t orgasm (that is, if you don’t). As you both get closer and comfortable with each other, you will inevitably begin to enjoy the sex, and having an orgasm might be a tad simpler then.

7. It doesn’t have to bleed

We’ve heard it all around us that a woman bleeds when her hymen breaks. Well, that doesn't have to be the case. A woman might not bleed the first time she has sex as the hymen can tear because of various other reasons, besides sex. So if you don’t bleed on your wedding night, it doesn’t mean that you are not a virgin.
7 brides who are saving themselves

8. It might hurt you

There could be some amount of pain the first few times you have sex. Don’t get worried or stressed about this pain - it gets better with time, soon-to-be brides.

9. Make it special, not perfect

There is no guide book for the perfect sex, brides-to-be. Everybody is different and everyone has their own unique experience. There might be some embarrassing and awkward moments on the first night, but don’t let that bother you. You both will be laughing about the same thing after a few years. 9 brides who are saving themselves

10. It will make you both one

Sex will unite you both and bring you both closer, physically and emotionally. Your wedding night is the start of your new life with your husband. Enjoy this moment rather than worrying about various other things. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr