15 Stunning Blouses For The Curvy Bride… You’ll Want Them All!

15 Stunning Blouses For The Curvy Bride… You’ll Want Them All!
With so many saree and blouse styles available these days, this outfit is so fashionable and yet so traditional. Blouses, in particular, are something everyone loves experimenting with, especially when you have to wear them for your wedding functions. However, some of us are a little conscious about all that skin show, and this goes especially for curvy brides. But don’t you worry about looking good in a saree, because we’ve got you some of the best blouse styles for the curvy bride! Read on and take your pick, brides-to-be.

1. The Panelled Gold Beauty!

1 blouse styles for the curvy bride This panelled blouse has a hemline that moves towards the waist and that actually creates an illusion of length. The blouse can be paired with many different colours and that’s the beauty of it. Pick a heavy saree in any colour and you’re all set for your wedding functions! Price: Rs 4,930. Buy it here.

2. The Drama In Details

2 blouse styles for the curvy bride This carefully embroidered blouse has a beautiful pattern. The heavy yoke and sleeves along with the plain fabric gives it that extra surface details making it look busy and taking the attention away from the body. Price: Rs 5,850. Buy it here.

3. The Pista Booti

3 blouse styles for the curvy bride A smartly cut blouse with potli buttons in the centre is ideal when you want to divide the body proportionately. It gives a different dimension to the frame and adds a unique touch to the saree. Won’t that look just perfect on your shaadi function?   Price: Rs 4,140. Buy it here.

4. The Princess Neckline

4 blouse styles for the curvy bride The high neck along with that detailed placket in the centre, and the colour blocked sleeves is all that you need to get someone to notice this aspect of your outfit. Match it with a skirt too, it’s long enough.
Price: Rs 2,585. Buy it here.

5. The Cut-Away Sleeves

5 blouse styles for the curvy bride Instead of going for a usual sleeveless blouse, this in-cut blouse gives you a chance to show off your collar bones which is always attractive. A usual sleeveless blouse creates a boxy look so this is a better idea for sure! You’ll make such a stylish bride in this blouse. Price: Rs 1,899. Buy it here.

6. A Jacket For A Blouse

6 blouse styles for the curvy bride Skip the regular mid-waist length blouses, and instead, wear a blouse like this blue one with details of embroidery and a plain saree to go with it. It’ll look great on your cocktail. Price: Rs 8,340. Buy it here.

7. The Elbow Sleeves Game

7 blouse styles for the curvy bride A plain bodice and slightly loose textured sleeves gives you the chance to show of the details that otherwise get lost under the saree pallu. This one has a comfortable fit that works well when you want to be carefree. Pick this one already, brides-to-be. Price: Rs 1,699. Buy it here.

8. The Cape Shape

8 blouse styles for the curvy bride Going with the trends, wearing a cape blouse is the easiest thing to do. Underneath the net cape, wear a sleeveless plain blouse and you’re set with the perfect look for your sangeet. This way you don’t have to worry about skin show, and the sheer look is phenomenal.
Price: Rs 3,095. Buy it here.

9. Chinese Collar Chic

9 blouse styles for the curvy bride A chinese collar blouse also gives the face and bodice a great frame. The fitted blouse in black along with the brocade details is great for the bride who doesn’t want to worry about skin show. Price: Rs 2,120. Buy it here.

10. The Embroidered Magic

10 blouse styles for the curvy bride Take the attention towards the surface details with this high neck blouse. This classic style creates a uniform texture through the body not letting the focus go anywhere else. Wear this with a midnight blue, an emerald green or an ivory saree for any of your wedding functions. Price: Rs 8,940. Buy it here.

11. The Gold Tissue Edition

11 blouse styles for the curvy bride This loose-fitting blouse is for the bride with sophisticated style. The rich fabric and the easy fit works beautifully with a silk saree. Wear this with a crisp colour and finish it with a gorgeous neckpiece. Price: Rs 6,200. Buy it here.

12. The Crop Top Charisma

12 blouse styles for the curvy bride Why not pair your saree with a crop top. It’s the easiest thing to do and it looks good too. The brocade intricacies make this a luxurious option to be paired with chiffons and other silks. Finish the look with traditional earrings and wear this for your mehendi.
Price: Rs 5,900. Buy it here.   

13. Print & Win

13 blouse styles for the curvy bride A printed texture in the blouse will always bring focus to it. The sharp collar and zip details give that definition to the blouse that can be matched with a plain saree or even an embroidered one. Price: Rs 2,975. Buy it here.

14. It’s All About The Collar

14 blouse styles for the curvy bride Wear a blouse that has such intense detailing that catches all the attention. The embroidered flowers in sequins along with that fabric work their magic when paired with a sequin gold black saree. Cocktail-ready outfit, this. Price: Rs 7,740. Buy it here.

15. The Baroque Adventure

15 blouse styles for the curvy bride This elaborately done blouse is for the bride who wants to wear something magnificent. The gold-plastered neckline and the cross over embroidered elements surely stand out. Wear this with a parrot green saree for utmost appeal! Price: Rs 6,540. Buy it here. Which of these do you fancy, brides-to-be?