8 ‘Bikini Wax’ Styles EVERY Girl Should Know About!

8 ‘Bikini Wax’ Styles EVERY Girl Should Know About!
So you’ve decided to finally get a bikini wax done and the chances of you getting confused with all the salon lingo are quite high. If you didn’t know already, there are different bikini wax styles. We know, it might confuse you a bit, that’s why we are here to make things much simpler for you. After reading this, it’s going to be super easy for you to decipher all these fancy bikini wax style names that always got you flustered.

1. Bikini wax

If you want to keep things a bit on the natural side and/ or you’re getting waxed for the very first time, this style is the best option. There’s no rocket science behind this style, it’s just your usual ‘tidy up’ job and the hair around the edges won’t show if you wore a bikini. In short, the hair near the upper thighs and just outside the panty line is removed. 1 bikini wax styles

2. Full bikini wax

This style too is more on the ‘au naturale’ side. You can go for a full hair removal from your bikini line, which means there are no chances of hair peeking up even from your panties. This is the perfect style for you to go for if you like things neat down there.

3. French wax

This waxing style includes hair removal from around the front and the sides, except for the middle; the hair around your butt-cheeks is also left alone. This style leaves you with a thin strip in the middle, often called as the ‘landing strip’. If you want a neat and smooth look from the front, go ahead with this style.

4. Brazilian wax

The ‘Brazilian’ as it’s commonly known, is the most popular waxing styles of all. When you go for a Brazilian, it means removing hair from the top, sides and all the way to your back, leaving a triangle shape on your pubic bone. If you’re planning to surprise bae by wearing a thong, then this is what you would want to go for, girl.
4 bikini wax styles

5. The mini triangle

If going completely bare down there makes you a bit scared, then you can opt for this subtle and clean look. This style will leave a small triangle of hair in the middle of your pubic bone, removing hair from the top and sides.

6. The Hollywood

This wax style leaves you with absolutely no hair, be it from the front, sides, the middle or the back. You’ll obviously have to bare it all while getting it done, but don’t worry as the aesthetician is trained and has probably done it a thousand times before.

7. The heart

If you’re feeling a bit bold and romantic, this waxing style is made for you, girl. If you want to give bae a sexy surprise, do it by getting waxed in the shape of a heart down there. We bet you’ll have a hot night together once he sees that. *Wink* 7 bikini wax styles

8. Personalized style

Ladies, if these different waxing styles aren’t enough for you and you feel like taking it up a notch and go wild with it, go ahead by all means. You can get any style you want - a lightning bolt, an arrow, basically whatever you feel like. Go wild, ladies! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr