We Found 25 *Awesome* Pairs Of Jeans For Less Than Rs 1,000!

We Found 25 *Awesome* Pairs Of Jeans For Less Than Rs 1,000!
As much as we all love our basic blue jeans, we can’t deny that buying a good pair can cost us a little too much! So, to put all your worries to an end, we have a list of 25 AWESOME pairs of jeans for women, that are all under Rs 1000 only. We’re serious! You’ll wanna buy them all! Scroll down to find your latest denim love.  

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1. Basic blues

1 jeans for women Make your legs look awesome in this pair of fitted washed denims. They are made of stretchable fabric and will keep you comfortable all day long! Price: Rs 950. Buy it here.

2. 50 shades darker

2 jeans for women These dark wash, mid-rise jeans are the best for daily wear! They will look good with everything, be it a casual tee or a dressy blouse! Price: Rs 950. Buy it here.

3. Cut & cropped

3 jeans for women Channel your quirky side in these super cool jeans with these fun embroidered motifs. Don’t miss the fringed details around the ankles, it just adds to the oh-so-cool vibe! Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

4. Distressed wonder

4 jeans for women If you are looking for a basic pair of distressed jeans, these are perfect for you! They will make you look sexy and stylish without showing too much skin! Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

5. Foil Fun

5 jeans for women These basic blue jeans with patches of foil prints are just SO different. Bring out your funky side sporting these with a pair of cool sneakers and a tee! Price: Rs 540. Buy it here.

6. All about applique

6 jeans for women How cool are these slashed knee jeans with applique detailing? Pair them with a printed tee and sneakers for an awesome girl next door look! Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

7. Flared & fabulous

7 jeans for women Trust these jeans to make your figure look awesome by making your legs look longer. Plus, bell bottomed jeans have made such a stylish comeback, so these babies are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

8. Dark fantasy

8 jeans for women A black pair is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. These faded denims look uber cool and are just too comfortable to take off! Price: Rs 950. Buy it here.

9. Distressed prints

9 jeans for women A combination of distressed detailing and funky prints, we are totally loving this pair of dark denims! Aren’t you? Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

10. Bell bottomed wonders

10 jeans for women Bored of the same old skinny jeans? Give these flared ones a chance and you will fall in love with how good they make you look! Price: Rs 840. Buy it here.

11. Lusting over blues

11 jeans for women For those looking for their perfect pair of basic blue jeans, your search ends right here! This pair is a complete winner for it has an amazing fit, the perfect wash and is high on comfort! Price: Rs 840. Buy it here.

12. Acid washed awesomeness

12 jeans for women These acid washed denims are just SO awesome! Just pair them with a basic white tee and sneakers and you’ll be good to go! Price: Rs 909. Buy it here.

13. Borrow it from your boyfriend!

13 jeans for women For those days when you’re standing clueless in front of your wardrobe, trust these jeans to make you look super cool. Pair them with a basic shirt and sneakers! Rs 949. Buy it here.

14. Hey, grey!

14 jeans for women Sport a no-fuss look with these grey jeans featuring a light fade! They’ll look amazing when paired a with a black sexy top and heels! Price: Rs 979. Buy it here.

15. Wishing for white

15 jeans for women Pair these white jeans with a feminine floral top and heels for a show stopping look. You’ll look classy and hot at the same time! Price: Rs 714. Buy it here.

16. Shades of grey

16 jeans for women Basic grey jeans are always a winner! These can totally give your favourite basic blue jeans a run for it’s money! Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

17. Boyfriend to the rescue

17 jeans for women Have been looking for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans? We suggest you try these out, you won’t be disappointed! Price: Rs 949. Buy it here.

18. Indigo Love

18 jeans for women This pair of indigo jeans is pure LOVE! The fit, the colour and the design is to die for! Buy it right now! Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

19. Sexy Skinny

19 jeans for women Trust these skinny jeans to make you look sexy. It will perk up your butt and add shape to your legs, making you feel super hot! Price: Rs 949. Buy it here.

20. Light Love

20 jeans for women We are totally in love with this pair of jeans. The colour is just so different that we want it right away! Don’t you? Price: Rs 949. Buy it here.

21. Basic blacks

21 jeans for women You can never go wrong with classic, black jeans. Trust this pair to go well with all your tops and to keep you comfortably stylish. Price: Rs 750. Buy it here.

22. Zip it up

22 jeans for women For days you wanna look stylish without putting in too much effort, this should be your go-to pair! It has a zip detailing on the waist and a skinny fit to make you look super chic. Price: Rs 800. Buy it here.

23. Comfort is the key!

23 jeans for women These jeans will come to your rescue on days you want to stay comfy. They’re loose enough to be the perfect pick to wear on your period too. These will provide you the comfort of joggers and the chicness of jeans, all in one! Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

24. Blue is the hue

24 jeans for women   Comfy and cool, these super faded jeans will be your new favourite! Pair them with cool tees and shirts for a casual, relaxed look! Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

25. Do it the distressed way!

25 jeans for women We can’t get over how cool these jeans are! Distressed denims are our biggest love since they’re so trendy yet comfy, which is why you need to get your hands on these stat! Price: Rs 999. Buy it here. Happy shopping, ladies! Featured Image: Shutterstock